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Late Sunday action

I was out most of the day on Sunday. I go to church with my wife every Sunday unless we're out of town, have other really important plans, or when I'm really wiped from a really good party on Saturday.

I didn't get the chance to play until about 8 o'clock Sunday night. I decided to play some $1/$2 at Interpoker - my newest home site. After an hour, I was up $8 and I called it a night to watch Flight of the Phoenix on TV.

My stats after this weekend:

BBs won at $1/$2: - $75 BBs
Bankroll: $1241 (roughly -$60)

I've decided on a new goal for this month. Right now, I'm actually at -30 BBs at $1/$2 since October 1. My new goals for the month are:

  1. Win 30 BBs at Interpoker playing $1/$2.
  2. Clear the 500 raked hands required for the rest of my bonus at Absolute Poker by playing 0.50/1.00. I'll aim for break even poker which will allow me to recoup my $1/$2 losses. By the way, PokerAceHud now supports Absolute Poker! Goodbye GameTime+...
I've also left Intertops - I'll be playing at Empire Poker when playing the ex-party skins. I've also re-activated my Party Poker account since it's possible to have a Party account and an ex-party skin account.

I'm also considering trying out Full Tilt Poker at some point. I've heard that the players are really good though...

I'm going to try and post my complete set of stats from PokerTracker for my game at 0.25/0.50 (if I have any stats for that limit - not sure), 0.50/1.00 (my bread and butter so far), and $1/$2.

I also just noticed that I've had 5 hits today (one of which was my wife's...still counts).

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