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Good weekend: Part II

I didn't play all that much more after Friday. My wife and I had a costume party to go to on Saturday night, so much of the day was spent getting ready. However, I did manage to squeeze in some limit play and an SNG.

I played for an hour or so at EuroBet on Saturday afternoon and lost about $15. I then switched over to Interpoker and won $21 - so I was up again!

I then stopped playing for while in order to shower, change, etc. It's about twenty after six when I decide to sit down and play a quick $3 SNG while my wife finalizes her costume (she dressed up as a Geisha, I was dressed up like a Hawaiian tourist...her costume was way better than mine).

Unfortunately, I don't have any notes for the SNG I played. However, I remember that it was dragging on. There were still 4 players left 45 minutes in. At this point, I'm in third place and announce that I have to leave soon to go to my party. I kick up the aggression and manage to take everyone out. Heads-up lasts a total of two hands. First hand, I pick up Q5s in the BB. Chip leader completes and I check. Flop comes down K Q 5. I put out a min-bet, chip leader bets the pot, I re-raise it and chip leader goes all in. He's got a Q4o and I take it down. Why he went all-in with Q4 I'll never understand...

Next hand, I pick up ATs on the button. I only have a minute left to play before we leave, so I push. The BB calls with his remaining T2800 in chips (vs. my T3200). He turns over a K5 and he's out. Again, why call an all-in with K5?

That win puts me in a good mood for the rest of the night and I drink myself into a stupor (I'm off the booze for a while after that night, let me tell you...).

Last night, after getting back from a day-long buffet at my sister-in-law's, my wife and I cozy up on the couch and I decide to give a $5 SNG a try. I'd doubled up my initial deposit of $20 at TigerGaming and, as promised, was ready to move up. I was considering the $5 SNG at Interpoker, but after 10 minutes, I was still the only player signed up to play.

So off I went to EuroBet for a $5 + $1. The main difference between the $3 Tiger SNGs and the EuroBet SNGs has to do with starting chip stacks and blind level timing. At Tiger, you start with T1000 and there are 10 minutes per level (about 15-20 hands per level). At Eurobet, you start with only T800 and blinds go up every 10 hands.

Anyway, on the first hand, 2 people get knocked out and we have a new chip leader. Over the course of the next few blind levels, I find myself getting no cards and end up at T340 with 7 players still remaing and the blinds at 25/50. I push all in with AT and manage to double up against a KT when the flop comes down A A K. I then double up through the chip leader with my pocket 8s against his AK.

At this point, I'm comfortably in third place with 5 players left. Top three spots pay, so I'm just trying to hang back for a bit. The chip leader finally knocks out the 5th and 4th place players over the next 5 or 6 hands and, just like that, I'm guaranteed $10 for my efforts.

First hand three-way, I pick up AK on the button. I decide to go for broke and push. The chip leader calls with his KT. I catch an ace on the flop and double up. A few more hands down the road, I pick up AQs on the button. I figure what the hell and push again, trying to steal the blinds. The former chip leader calls the bet with a 44 and I knock him out! He then writes me a little message in the chat window:

ur garbage
you just got lucky
you suck

I replied "Thank you - I am garbage" and got set for my heads-up match. We were practically tied with each other, but I managed to quickly subdue my opponent by betting aggressively on the flop, pushing all-in at random times, and sandbagging my two big hands. So, after a few months away from the $5 SNG circuit, I was back and winning again.


My recap for the weekend:

Total winnings: $44.91
Winnings with bonus: $94.91
Bankroll: $1340.83


My SNG record for October:
SNGs played: 20
$$ Won: $43.45
1st place: 6
2nd place: 5
3rd place: 8
Other: 1

But as MrVercetti would say, these numbers are probably not sustainable. Still, I'll enjoy it while it lasts...

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