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Good weekend: Part I

Had a pretty good weekend on the poker front. Had a pretty good weekend otherwise. Gonna try and keep this short since I'm not feeling all that hot today...don't know why...maybe cuz I had a dream last night that I was either Jet Li or Jackie Chan and having my fingers broken by the bad guy in "The Golden Child" (Sada Nimsi or something?).

I started off Friday night with one goal in mind: finish off the last of the raked hands required to clear my $50 bonus at Eurobet. Nothing all that interesting happened. It took me about 53 minutes. I made a whopping $4.87 at the tables! However, with the extra $50, I was up $54.87 on the night.

$$ WON: $54.87
I considered myself to be on a hot streak and decided that I'd take it out on the $3 SNG crowd at TigerGaming.

SNG #1
I open a beer (actually a Vex cooler - I'm married so I'm allowed to drink fruity drinks now) and fire up my first SNG of the evening. It starts out well when I hit the nut straight on the turn on my first hand - up to T1100. I don't really play another hand until Level 2 (20/40). I'm at T900 and pick up a T2s in the big blind. When I flop the flush draw, I'm thinking that this hand is either going to make me or break me. When I hit the flush on the river, I'm up to T1400.

As the blinds got higher, there were only 3 of us left. I kept trying to knock out the 3rd place guy, but he was playing tighter than tight (tried to come up with something funny...couldn't...). I finally get the guy out with my TT. I have to slow play pre-flop to get him into the hand and the flop comes down A T 8. I check, he goes all in for his last T300 or something and I call. He's got AJ (he didn't even raise pre-flop with that hand from the BB...now that's tight...and weak...) and it's all over when my set fills out to a full house when running nines hit the board on the turn and river.

I'm now in the chip lead and folding almost every hand. I'm totally card dead - not getting anything above a 7, no suited cards, nothing less than a two-gapper. I'm guessing that my opponent is getting hit in the face by the cards, because he's betting out the a-hole on every hand. I'd like to think that he was just outplaying me, but this same guy never seemed to put out bets unless he had a lock on the hand. Each time I thought I'd take a stab at the pot, he'd show me the nuts or close to them. He hit 2 flushes, three straights, and two flopped full houses to quickly knock me out like a little bitch (I'm not using the word in the derogatory-towards-women sense of the word - I'm using it in the derogatory-to-my-pathetic-poker-skills sense).

And with a whimper, I'm out in 2nd.

$$ WON: $57.72

SNG #2
I'm now on my third drink and ready for some more crazy SNG action...The SNG starts off with a guy quickly doubling up on the first hand. And then, almost immediately, he starts going all-in on every hand. When one player comments, the chip leader writes, "Call me - I have to go". Man, how many times have I heard that excuse? I eventually call the guy with my AK (I figure that I might as well give it a shot) and I double up to take the chip lead.

A few more hands down the road, crazy all-in guy is gone and there is a new chip leader at the table. At this point, the game slows down. The new chip leader refuses to use his stack to push people around. He also seems oblivious to the fact that, in NL play, you can actually bet more than the min bet. By level 3, there are still 4 people left and I'm pretty well tied for 2nd in chips. The chip leader has just begun increasing his lead by betting the pot on the river on every hand - everyone is folding to him. Me, I'm card dead and staying out of the way.

I finally knock a guy out with my AK by slow playing my top pair. I had to slow play since these players were so tight that they'd fold to any overt aggression. When I check on the flop with a K x x showing, my opponent pushes his small stack all-in. I insta-call and he shows a K6o. I hit my ace on the turn for two pair, he hits a 6 on the river - but it's all over and he's out. I'm at T2215, tied for the chip lead with only 3 people left.

Blinds are at 40/80. Although I fall to 2nd place, the chip leader loses an all-in to the small stack and becomes the short stack himself. I'm totally card dead so decide to wait it out and see if the new chip leader can knock out the 3rd place guy.
Alas, the short stack doubles up through the chip leader...I'm the only one being hurt by this - I'm blinded down to T1600 at this point.

A few hands later, I slowplay top pair again with my AQ (ace on the turn). When the chip leader puts a pot-sized bet out on the river (he's the crazy river bet guy), I push all-in and he folds.

I then knock the 2nd place guy with my two pair flop of AJ. He also has two pair on the flop with his A7 - a little unlucky for him, but I'm happy.

Heads up starts off rough - I'm card dead and my opponent is impervious to bluffs. I decide to switch gears from aggressive to passive mode pre-flop. I made the assumption that I could rely on my post-flop play to take the game. With the pots smaller, my opponent seemed less willing to call my bets on the flop. It takes me another 3 or 4 minutes to grab the chip lead and win the SNG. I'm sure he must have been wondering what the hell happened: in the space of 10 hands, he goes from a 3:1 chip lead to being down for the count.

$$ WON: $66.02

SNG #3
No more drinks for me at this point. This game is totally boring. Everyone is playing limit poker, min-bets and min-raises all over the place. Very little raising in fact - a lot of check-calling, even with the stone-cold nuts.
Getting blinded to death, more aggressive out there and I'm totally card dead. Have not had a real playable hand all SNG.

As the blinds start climbing, I'm getting low. By level 4, there are only 3 of us left but I'm almost out. I've got about T500 left with the blinds at 25/50. I get knocked out when I go all in from the BB when button folds and SB completes. SB turns over TT and I'm gone.

$$ WON: $62.57

So, all in all, a pretty good night for me. I hate bubbling out of an SNG by being blinded down to nothing, but it'll happen from time to time.

More to come in the Part II...

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