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Free stuff and pimpin' preview

Fair warning to any regular users of this blog (I think there's only me so far, so I consider myself warned): I'm getting some affiliate codes and stuff for various sites that I play at. Why? Because they're poker rooms and sites that I frequent and that I trust. Also, I get free money if anyone signs up using my affiliate codes or links. And as we all know, there's no better money than free money...Overall, you shouldn't notice any obvious changes in this site's look - except for the occasional shout out for free cash.


Speaking of free cash, Pacific Poker sent me an e-mail the other day to let me know that I can get $20 for free if I make a $50 deposit. So, a 40% reload bonus. I'm hoping there's no clearing requirements - I seem to recall the requirements being fairly steep and relying on money wagered instead of raked hands. Anyway, I'm going to take that free money and give some NL ring games a try. I'll even set up a new database in PokerTracker (if I can figure out how to get Pacific Poker hand histories).

So, check back tomorrow - I may be rich by then!


What are my plans for tonight?

First, get home and get ridiculed by my wife for the silly new haircut I picked up today. What is it with old barber shop guys? I got my hair cut by Roberto - kinda looked like an ex-Mafia goon. I asked for a trim so he chopped off all my hair. If I suffer some kind of Samson thing and start stringing together a bunch of losing sessions, Roberto's gonna get it from me. Actually, I kinda look a bit Mafia with the hair - just more like the Joe Pesci mafia look and not the Robert DeNiro look.

Holy crap, did I ever go off-track there...So, after the "ridiculing", my wife and I are gonna watch some Hallowe'en movies - probably Hellboy (cool movie) and Saw. We may only watch a few minutes of Saw since I've heard that it's pretty f*cked up. I've been known to get dizzy and almost throw up or lose bowel control when things get too gory on screen. Just started happening recently, don't know why. What I'm saying is that I hope the night doesn't end in some vomit-fueled nightmare - that would seriously cut into my poker time.


I've just noticed that I've actually had a few returning users to the site. Even more suprising is the fact that 3 separate people today have spent longer than 5 seconds on the site! I'm guessing they the phone rang or something and they were unable to leave my site as soon as they'd hoped.

If any of you are actually readers though, then let me be the first to say Cool.

Work is running a little slow today, hence all the posts...does the word "hence" sound pretentious or just gay (not that there's anything wrong with that...lifestyles...personal freedom...etc.)


On a sad note, the Law School Dropout's poker blog is on its last legs. The author has decided that he'll stop publishing any new posts as of the end of this year. I guess if I was making a quarter of a million dollars playing poker, I'd probably want to get as much time playing as I could too.

Personally, it is a great blog and I'll keep it linked up at the right side as long as its up and running. Do yourself a favour and check it out - it's worth reading right from the beginning if you've got the time. I'm only slighly jealous that someone out there is so much better at poker than I could ever be. Anyway, to the Law School Dropout:

Congrats on some great results over the past year! I guess we'll see you at the WSOP or WPT sometime soon.

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