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Fall of the Empire

I'm finished at Empire poker as well. First off, the bonus was too hard to clear. Secondly, my play at Empire on Saturday has jinxed me forever at that poker room.

I sat down mid-afternoon on Saturday to play some $1/$2 hoping to recoup my previous losses. Well, it didn't work out that way. In fact, it was all over 20 minutes into the session.

First hand, I pick up QQ in the CO. The pot's raised by UTG + 1, I re-raise and only the UTG + 1 calls.

Flop comes down T 6 2. UTG + 1 bets, I raise, UTG + 1 re-raises, I cap. Now I'm thinking that I may be in trouble, but I've got to see this through. Turn comes a 7, UTG + 1 bets, I call. River comes a rag, UTG + 1 bets, I call. Well, he had pocket sixes for the flopped set.

A few hands later, I pick up AKs in EP2. I raise, and SB re-raises. I cap it. Flop misses me, but I bet out and get raised. A lot of players try this tactic to pick up the pot, so I re-raise and he calls. Now I'm a little worried. Turn misses me again, I check, he checks. River is a blank as well. Checked to me again. I bet hoping to take the pot down, but get called and lose to a pair of nines. I shouldn't have bet on the end, but I was still steaming from the QQ fiasco.

All in all, I lost the 20 BBs that I was afraid I'd lose. So I'm back down to 0.50/1.00 for a while. After I win back my 150 BBs, I may try 0.50/1.00 short-handed for a while and try and develop my skills there for a bit, rather than jumping back up to $1/$2. We'll see...

Anyway, after leaving Empire, I signed up with Eurobet last night (another ex-party skin). I've signed up for rakeback with Rake The Rake. Once that clears, I'll have rake back at a site where the tables are always full. I hope that this turns everything around for me.

Mind you, the weekend was not all bad. I became a godfather yesterday and I picked up a new X-box game as well (World Poker Tour 2K6). So far, I'm not impressed, but I've only played about 15 minutes. We'll see...

I also had a pretty good run at the TigerGaming $3 + 0.45 SNGs. I'll fill in the details later today when I get the chance.


Finished reading all of Al's blog (great read, btw), and am going to start reading Pauly's Tao of Poker. I'll put the link up in my Poker Blog links.


AlCantHang said...
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AlCantHang said...

Oh god help you. I can't believe you went through my archives.

Nice job with the blog.

Keep it up.


(too early for me to comment. took me two tries to get it right)

Klopzi said...

Thanks for stopping by - I feel like I just met a celebrity...did that sound a little queer? Not that there's anything wrong with that...

I'll tell you - your blog's a great read and pushed me start my own after reading your first few entries.

The only problem is that my drinking's increased by leaps and bounds since reading it. But the drinking's helped my game, so I'll keep following your lead...

AlCantHang said...

That's how everyone started. I read Pauly and Grubby then started my own. One big virus :)

Like I said, keep up the good work, I have on the pimping list for probably sometime next week.


Klopzi said...

Thanks Al! I appreciate it.

I look forward to the time sink…I mean, what else am I gonna do at work?