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Fall of the Empire: Part II

As I mentioned earlier, I'll recap my play this weekend on TigerGaming's $3 + 0.45 SNGs.

I decided to first try these SNGs last Thursday night (with my friend MrVercetti's guarantee that the games were dead easy) and ended up placing in 3rd place twice and once in 5th place. I figured that I'd gone wrong by not drinking while playing...

Friday night, my wife and I went out shopping and took care of some other things before getting home. After dinner and just relaxing for a while, the old laptop gets fired up, I grab a beer, and I get ready to lose a bit more money.

SNG #1: 10:17 PM
The first SNG goes by pretty slowly. First off, not a single person is knocked out in the first 4 levels of blinds. (MrVercetti's a fucking liar!) Everyone's playing tight and it isn't until the blinds hit T100/T200 that people start falling off. It all happens pretty quickly and we're three way before I know it. I grab a third beer and I grab the chip lead around the same time by using my tight table image to my advantage. Once the other two stacks realize that I'm not going anywhere (and that I'll put them to a decision for all their chips on any given pot), they decide to duke it out and it's soon heads-up. I grab a fourth beer (my wife commented that I tend to drink beer faster playing poker - probably because I take a sip between hands and there are a lot of hands...).

Finally, I'm in the money. And now, I'm in the chip lead and I have nothing to lose. I'm pushing and prodding at the guy, trying to get him to lose his cool and go all-in with garbage. Finally, about 5 minutes in, he loses it when I put him all-in and he calls. I have A5s - he has 32s. Flop comes down A 4 9. So far so good! River: 2. And wouldn't you know it, but the river is a 5, giving me two pair and giving the other guy the wheel straight. I had to fight the urge to start tilting...

A couple hands later, I'm finishing up my beer and limp on the button with 68s. We see the flop - 6 8 Q. I know that this is the hand where I'm gonna win it. Sure enough, Mr. Lucky bets the pot and as usual, I push back with an all-in raise. He thinks about it and calls with nothing (ace high). Two seconds later, it's all over and I've won! $11.70 - I'm rich!

SNG #2: 11:45
I grab a fifth beer and make my wife a Caesar (a really, really salty Caesar...oops). Again, no one gets knocked out until level 2. I've been playing a little friskier than normal and am quickly out in third spot.

I seem to recall getting some bad breaks, but it could've just been the six beers and my non-existent attention span. I put my money in as the favourite against the table's maniac a few times and lost three or four times before getting knocked out in a completely boring and wholely unremarkable way.

SNG #3: Saturday 3:00 PM
I'd been playing pretty crazy, and at level 3 there were still 5 people left. I only had about T800 left from my original T1000. When UTG player raised for 200, I looked down and see my TT in the BB. I decided that he had to be bluffing (he had been raising a lot of pots) and went all-in for my last T815. UTG called and showed QQ and I was down to my last 535 chips. I'm pretty sure I was tilting at this point. I was watching some movie called The Last Casino (about some blackjack card counters) at the same time, so I was still having fun.

Next hand, the short stack at the table went all in for 215 chips. I was int the small blind SB with 44, so I called and my hand held up against an A7.

With four people left, I was still in bad shape as the blinds kept climbing. I doubled up through the button when I raised with AK from the small blind and he called. Flop came down A 8 3. I checked (changing gears to throw the button off), he bet the pot, I called. A quick note for any new players out there: look out for players calling pot-sized bets. Unless you know for a fact that they are weak players, it usually signifies trouble - they've either got a monster or that they will try and steal the pot from you on the turn if a scare card comes. Anyway, the turn showed a 2, I went all-in representing a shitty steal attempt (I don't think a 2 is a good scare card with no flush or straight draws), and the button called showing A7o. River is another 2 and I've doubled up against someone holding an A7 for the second time that afternoon.

With the blinds at 50/100 and only 3 players left, I raised to 250 with TT from the button. The SB, who'd been playing crazy and pushing all-in any chance he got, had only 715 left. He pushed, BB folded and I called. SB shows AQ and proceeded to hit 2 spades on the flop and caught runner-runner spades to take the pot with his Queen of Spades.

The next blind level, I was in the SB with K9s. When the button (new chipleader) folded, I raised to 3xBB and the big blind (Mr. Flush) called. Flop came down Q 9 2. I knew that I had this guy beat and bet the pot. Mr. Flush pushed all-in as usual and I insta-called. He showed K2o vs. my K9 - I had him dominated and was in good shape to pull into the chip lead. Turn was a blank, but the river was a 2 giving Mr. Flush trips. The very next hand, I picked up K2 on the button and pushed with my last 315 chips and was quickly out in third spot.

SNG #4: Sunday 9:10 PM
People ar going out pretty quickly. I pick up some quality hands but get no takers in the early stages of the SNG. With the blinds at 30/60, I double with my A2 hitting trip 2s by the river vs the chip leader's 33. I'm still in pretty bad shape though.

A few hands later, I double up again vs the chip leader by flopping my set of fours against the chip leaders pocket 8s. A few hands later, the chip leader knocks out the third place stack with his KK vs. the small stack's AQ.

The head's up match is quick when get all in vs. the chip leader with my AKs vs. his 33. I hit one of my kings on the flop but get rivered when my opponent gets a 3 on the river. Stupid river...still, second place pays $6.30.

SNG #5: Sunday 10:10 PM
This one was funny since most 3 of the 6 players knocked out lost due to being blinded to death. The third place guy folded to a PF raise when the blinds were 100/200 and he was in the big blind with only 165 chips left after posting.

I managed to stay in second or third place for most of the SNG. I knocked a player out early when his AK ran into my QQ. I doubled up through the chip leader later on when I flopped the nut flush. I doubled up again through the chip leader when there were only three left when my T9 hit two trip tens on the flop. The chip leader was aggressive, so I slow played it. When a nine came on the river, giving me the boat, I raised the chip leader's pot-sized bet and he called since he was pot committed.

Once the third place player was knocked out, I was the chip leader going heads up with the player who had the chip lead for most of the SNG. I managed to pull it together and really worked my mojo. I changed gears a bunch of times, sandbagging him at times, playing the all-in game at others. Although he almost regained the chip lead, it was all over when he min raised from the button and I put him all in with my 88. He calls and shows T8 and it's all over! My second win and another $11.70.

My Tiger SNG stats so far:
1st: 2 ($23.40)
2nd: 1 ($6.30)
Other: 5
Total won/lost: $29.70 - $27.60 = $2.10

Well, I'm not getting rich playing the SNGs, but it's giving me good practice. Hopefully, I'll get back to the point where I can play and win the $5 SNGs and, someday soon, the $10 SNGs as well.

Current Month: -$49
Current Bankroll: $1212


I hope for everyone's sake that I get better at this writing thing...My entries read like a seven year old's "What I did last summer" essay...

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