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Eurobet works for me

My wife was out painting a friend's place last night, so I had lots of time to lose some more money.

Before I get into that, I'll give you an update on the new X-box game I'm playing - World Poker Tour 2K6. I'd created my avatar a couple nights ago, so I was ready to go ahead and start playing. Starting out my "WPT career", the first venue was the Aviation Club in Paris. I'm given two choices: play a $22 satellite for entry into the super satellite or play the $100 super satellite. Winning the super satellite would buy me a $5000 seat for the WPT event. You're only given $1000 to start, so I played a couple satellites (won one of them) and two super satellites (one for free, got knocked out quickly in both).

What's good about the game? It's poker...that's about it so far. Here's my list of complaints:

  1. Blind levels in the satellite are 10 minutes simulated, meaning that you get to go around the table twice before the blinds go up. There are only 6 people at the table. So starting with $1000 in chips and the blinds at $10/$20, you really have to start gambling early in order to stay alive.
  2. Blind levels in the super satellite are 5 minutes simulated (once around the table). Unless you get really lucky, you're out of the tournament before you even settle down. Seriously, I thought they'd give you a half decent number of hands at each blind level so that you could actually play poker and not just gamble.
  3. Opponents are total calling stations. Mind you, they are only amateur opponents right now, so I guess they're playing properly. A few times, I've gone all in with a pretty good hand heads up - like Ax or two high cards. These guys (and gals...one of them looked like Jennifer Tilly, I think...coincidence?) will call my all-ins with anything. I got my hands busted by the stupidest hands on multiple occasions (T7, 86, 52, 32, etc.).
  4. My biggest complaint though is the game's speed. I'm used to online poker - fast and to the point. This game makes you sit there and watch each opponent do a little animation and say "call/fold/raise/etc." for every hand. It takes about 10-15 seconds per hand if you want to fold and skip the hand and it can take a minute or two if you want to play the hand...dear Lord! Faster than a real B&M poker room but far too slow for the video game generation.
I'm still undecided about the game though - I want to see how the game plays once you make it into a WPT event. I also tried the Omaha Hi/Lo and got punked by the AI. I guess I should learn how to play Omaha Hi/Lo before playing it.


Poker action last night was pretty standard. Actually, I had a winning session which has become rare since starting this blog. I guess it's more fun to write about my downfall than it is my rise to power (or whatever equivalent you can apply to a run-of-the-mill computer programmer who plays poker instead of spending quality time with friends and family).

As I said yesterday, I signed up with Eurobet poker late Sunday night. I was hoping the fishy-goodness of the party skins (ex-party skins...fuck me, that's gonna get annoying...) would help revive my dying limit career. I have 250 raked hands to play in order to collect a $50 bonus. And the way I've been running, I'll play anywhere that gives me free money for clicking the FOLD button for hours on end.

So I sit down at a couple 0.50/1.00 (oh the shame of it all...) tables and start folding. I did manage to play a few hands. Here's a quick rundown of the highlights for you:
  • Lost a crap-load (well, $5.50) when my cowboys ran into a flopped set of nines. I still don't know how you can get away from playing these types of hands to the river. I managed to save some of my money by playing like a little girl on the turn and river, check-calling every street. I was sure that the guy I was up against had either AA, QQ, JJ or AK based on his pre-flop betting. Then again, I don't think I have the mad skillz needed to put people on hands just yet. When the crazy bastard capped it on the flop though, I was pretty sure I was dead to a king. And like most shitty players, I paid 2 more BBs to find out that I was , indeed, way behind on the flop.
  • Another funny pot where I once again I lost to paired board on the flop. I'm holding 88 in middle position and just limp. There are 6 players in the pot. Flop is 2 2 4. As usual, I'm pretty sure I'm ahead. 3 checks to me, I bet, all but one player folds. I'm hoping the guy has a 4 and not a 2. Turn is a 5. I bet, I get raised, I call. I mean, I've still got the overpair...I could be ahead, right? Although flop betting can be somewhat deceptive, a player will typically show the true strength of their hand on the turn. I completely ignored that advice from Bob Ciaffone (I am such a pimp when it comes to pushing the poker paraphenalia, eh?). I check-call the river and see that I was up against quad 2s!! Dear Lord! I'm now 0 for 1000 when playing against someone with the board paired...
  • The last bit of crap play on my part happened when I broke one of the cardinal rules of limit poker - drop it like it's hot if overcards fall on the flop and you've got a big pocket pair. I had JJ and raised it up and got two callers. Flop comes x K A. Two overcards, two opponents, easy fold, right? Not for me. I play it to the river (although the turn was checked through) and lose to an A3s (the guy actually hit the nut flush on the river, not that he needed it). Only lost $2.50 on this one, so I should count myself lucky.

I did have some good moments though:
  • Won $7 when I flopped the royal flush draw on the flop and hit the nut flush on the turn against two opponents. Both were feeling frisky (a term I've stolen from Richard "Quiet Lion" Brodie and decided to get into a raising war. I was happy to take their money!
  • Won another $7 when I re-raised UTG's PF raise with my JJ. Flop comes down J 7 2. I bet out since my opponent likes to call everything, and get called. Turn is a 3. I bet again, he calls. River is a 3 - yay! Got the boat! I bet, opponent raises...wtf? Is he holding quad 3s? Who raises UTG with 33? I decide it's pretty unlikely and we cap the river betting. So what did Mr. Genius raise with pre-flop? How about the mighty K3o?! It's times like these that I realize it is possible to make money playing poker as long as I run into guys like that. I consoled him on his tough luck (and it was - if he hadn't hit trips, he would've folded on the river...I hope) - he ended up staying in the game for a while longer and I gave him some of his money back later, as is the usual for me.

Update: You'll see in the comments that the Quiet Lion dropped me a line to let me know that he got the term "frisky" from Erick "E-Dog" Lindgren, who in turn may have taken it from "Killer Poker". And if you don't know Richard "Quiet Lion" Brodie, what are you waiting for? Another great read and well worth your time (check the link to the right) - just don't read it on an empty stomach...


Did you say SNG? Too bad...played another $3 SNG at Tiger. Came in third when everyone at the table got run over by a maniac going all-in on every hand. How many showdowns can you win this way? He only needed to win five and took everyone down. He caught a two-outter to knock me out in third...crazy mofo! I'll get him next time...


When I stop playing for the night, I should stick to my guns and really stop. Turn off the laptop, unplug the network cable: I don't use that new-fangled "wi-fi" networking stuff - too much interference in my apartment (read: I'm a moron and can't figure out how to set up a wireless network properly so that it works with online poker rooms). Anyway, I hopped onto Interpoker and lost $8.35 in 50 minutes. I then called it night...


My wife brought home Tim-bits (donut holes for any readers out there not from Canada) and Combos (cheese-filled pretzels...pretzels are healthy, right?) when she got back from painting last night. Mental note to self: do not gorge five minutes before going to bed. Although my wife is painting again tonight...


I'd like to give a special shout out to Al from AlCantHang who becomes the first person to acknowledge my "work" here. If you haven't taken a look at his site yet, do yourself a favour and do it now. It's far more interesting than listening to me ramble on about the few bucks I've won and lost.


At some point in time, I'll let you in on my favourite hand. Not really favourite, but I'll play it so that I don't anger the Poker Gods. Not as powerful as The Hammer, but it can hold its own...


Richard said...

I got the term "frisky" from Erick "E-Dog" Lindgren, who may have got it from the book "Killer Poker."


Klopzi said...

Thanks Richard - I'll make that correction.

Still, it's one of the funnier things I picked up from reading your stuff - I tend to keep it in mind when I start changing gears.