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The dog ate my homework...

Well, I had a nice long post ready and when I hit publish, it was lost. I don't want to waste too much time here, so let me break down my play last night at TigerGaming.

SNG #1
Came in 2nd place when the chip leader, holding a 3 to 1 chip lead, let me throw my chips away on bottom pair. He called me with top pair and I was done. My previous post had all sorts of witty and strategic insight...I'm sorry that it's come to this.

SNG #2
I made it to 2nd again and was totally dominating the play. Even though I had a commanding lead, I could not put the guy away. Everytime I put him all-in, he'd show down monster hands. One of the hands, the nut flush, almost knocked me out. I managed to bring us back to even by making huge pre-flop raises and outplaying him post-flop. When I picked up AKs in the BB, I made the same huge pre-flop raise. The chip leader thinks then goes all-in. I assumed he was just pissed off that I'd been playing back at him so hard and was making a stand - well he was...with the Hilton sisters. He made his set on the flop and I was done.

SNG #3
I made a stupid play when I was third in chips. Flop was 8 8 9 and I had A9s. I bet out on the flop and the chip leader called. Turn was a K, chip leader checks, I bet, he raises, I call. River is a Q, he makes a 1/2 pot-sized bet, I go all in. He sits there for a good 20 seconds, then types in the chat, "Your night is over Klopzi" and turns over his flopped quad 8s. Bastard!

In all fairness, I deserved to be out in 4th spot and not 3rd. Earlier in the SNG, with 4 people left, I'd gone all in on 99 trying to steal the blinds or something (actually a silly little move in retrospect). I get called by a player with about 100 chips more than me (bad sign). I'm hoping he's got an underpair (yeah right) or two overcards...nope, cowboys! Flop comes down x x K - another player hitting his/her set on me! So the only way I'm staying in this thing is by giving out a real mother of a bad beat. The two possibilities are: catch running 9s or catch running spades. Anyway, I caught my flush on the river, got called a "luky dikhead" and proceeded to knock the same guy out next hand with my J8s (they were s00ted). Don't remember what he had - I'll have to work on that I guess.



For anyone interested, here is my month to date. Surprisingly, I'm still ahead bankroll-wise despite my dismal showing at the tables as of late.

BANKROLL: $1215 (+$98)
EARNINGS: -$25 (not counting bonuses)
1st place finishes: 2
2nd place finishes: 3
Other finishes: 6 (5 third place finishes)

Not the greatest month ever, but being up $98 isn't that bad at this stage in the game. I'd like to get my earnings up to $0 - I'd rather break even as a winning player than be up as a losing player.


One last thing: my brother sent me an e-mail this morning. I'm a big fan of bathroom humour and my brother is an expert at telling the funniest stories about him, co-workers or friends having a rough time of things in the "don't-shit-your-pants-in-public" department. Anyway, the little blurb he put into his e-mail this morning really cracked me up. The setting for his story is somewhere in China wher he's currently residing while training to be a tai-chi master:

No new fart stories, but then again my life is a fart/shit story. I remember when I had this bout of diarrhea coming on. I was walking outside with my Chinese teacher. I thought I could hold it until we got to our destination, but I couldn't. The sweats started to come, then the drunken walk. My ass was so clenched that my knees were turned inwards making my legs extend diagonally rather than straight. I walked into a firehydrant, almost breaking my leg. My teacher yells out "Oh my god, are you alright?" Then I tell him that I need a bathroom, fast" He starts looking for a nice clean place, but after a while I tell him that if he doesn't find a place in 2 minutes that I 'm gonna rip down my pants and shit on the street (this kinda of talk shocked him). So, he brings me into this run down restaurant where the toilet is a squatter ( a hole in the floor). Jesus Christ it felt good to let it all go, but no toilet paper. So, I had to tuck my naked ass behind the door and yell for my teacher to get me toilet paper. He came back with some napkins and all was good.


More to come when I get a chance...seriously, I can't believe the post I'd been working on was eaten...I'll try to come up with something insightful later to make up for this garbage.


Just read the review for World Poker Tour 2K6 at GameSpot. No mention of the fact that the game plays like a giant crap shoot nor any mention that gameplay is slow.

Hmm...7.1 out of 10? Whatever...I'm still gonna play it until I can win at least one tournament. I can't play poker online when I'm on my exercise bike so this game is still the next best thing.


Started reading Sklansky's Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players.

I jumped straight to the section on short-handed play since I feel this is one part of my game that's even worse than the rest of my game. This morning, I started reading from the beginning. There are a few things I find worrying right off the bat:
  1. Liberal use of the word "sometimes". For me, sometimes = opportunities for me to give my money to the good players.
  2. The book's claim that it makes good hold'em players into great hold'em players...so what does it do for mediocre poker players?

Here's a drinking game for anyone out there with an extra case of beer (or a few bottles of SoCo and absolutely nothing to do other than read this crap blog.
  1. Everytime I type "...", take a shot...
  2. Everytime I type "-", take a shot - a good-sized shot...
  3. Every time I type "so" - well, you guessed it...take a shot.
You know what, I'd put more but I don't want anyone to get hurt.

So, that's it for now - but I'm sure I'll have more to say later...

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