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Does the world really need another poker blog?

Well, I've never done this whole "blogging" thing before. Honestly, I never really got the whole "diary" thing growing up and blogging seemed a lot like that to me.

Then I got into poker. And if you're like me, I can't read enough about it.

But looking around the Internet, I noticed that most people writing out there seem to be much better players than me. So I thought I'd start posting some stuff about my mediocre poker play and results.

I'm hoping that the average player out there will identify with me and that good players will lay into me and force me to become a better player out of shame. Only time will tell, but I'm guessing that I'll manage to get a couple of readers by year's end.

That's it for now. In my next post, I'll describe how I started building my poker empire...Maybe too strong a word, maybe not...