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Almost quitting time

Just started a new job last week and the day is kind of dragging.

Plans for this weekend? Tonight I'll probably kick back, have a few beers, watch a couple movies with my wife and mulit-table some 1/2 at the same time. Not that exciting but it's Friday, so it's gonna be awesome no matter what. I think I'll post some hands after that - I want to give one of those hand converters a try - I'll give it a shot. If I fuck up the whole blog trying to get some hands loaded up, no problem. I think I've had one hit so far...sweet. Don't know who it was, don't care...actually, I kinda do.

I'll try to post a couple hands a day, maybe the best and worst of type thing. I don't know. Most of the other bloggers out there that I've read seem to go to Vegas and do all sorts of cool shit. I live in Ottawa, so popping out to Vegas isn't all that do-able. And with the amount of taxes taken off gambling winnings in the states for us Canadians (33% I think), I'd have to have a pretty good run at the tables to make any money. And since I'm still a crap player, I think I'd lose a lot. One day, I'll give Vegas a try though...I'm 13% of the way to buying a seat at the WSOP main event.

Tomorrow night, we're having friends over. More beer and some poker, I'm sure. Me and MrVercetti play a hell of a lot more than everyone we know, but maybe with enough beer we can convince people to play a NL tournament. We play really small stakes though - like $1 or $2 buy-in. I guess I'm not much of a gambler in real life. Maybe that'll change if the Hull Casino ever introduces holdem (or even stud)...I may pick up a video poker book and give that a try. It just seems so -EV but I keep hearing about people winning at it as long as you're willing to grind it a little. Still, it could be a good way to spend a night. I just wish that the casino comped its players...or allowed drinking at the slot machines or the gaming tables. Maybe they do at the slot machines, but I know they don't at the blackjack tables.

By the way, on the off chance that anyone is reading this, feel free to ask me anything about anything. You're probably my only reader and I get real bored at work sometimes...just post a comment or e-mail me.

Well, I'm leaving work in the next 20 minutes or so...office is pretty empty right now anyway.

Have a good weekend!

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