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Almost caught up...

Well, this blog is pretty well up to speed on what's happened so far in my poker career. From this point on, I'm gonna stick with posting interesting hands that happen in my everyday play. Might talk about some other stuff that I hear about too...whatever.

I'll also keep bragging about how much money I'm making - I think I'm close to earning minimum wage when I play. I'm the man!

I'm actually playing in a $13K Guaranteed tonight at Absolute Poker. They gave me a deal where they're gonna pay my entry fee. All I had to do was deposit a good chunk of cash at their site. I'm sure I'll get knocked out pretty fast. I haven't played any tournament poker since September, and I sucked at it back then. Still, if I win top prize, beer's on me!

I still wanna post some of the hands that killed me at $1/$2. And I'll post some of the stuff that I've done in the past couple weeks. It's been pretty boring though, so probably just a post or two.

Wish me luck! Time to bring home the bacon.

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