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Free stuff and pimpin' preview

Fair warning to any regular users of this blog (I think there's only me so far, so I consider myself warned): I'm getting some affiliate codes and stuff for various sites that I play at. Why? Because they're poker rooms and sites that I frequent and that I trust. Also, I get free money if anyone signs up using my affiliate codes or links. And as we all know, there's no better money than free money...Overall, you shouldn't notice any obvious changes in this site's look - except for the occasional shout out for free cash.


Speaking of free cash, Pacific Poker sent me an e-mail the other day to let me know that I can get $20 for free if I make a $50 deposit. So, a 40% reload bonus. I'm hoping there's no clearing requirements - I seem to recall the requirements being fairly steep and relying on money wagered instead of raked hands. Anyway, I'm going to take that free money and give some NL ring games a try. I'll even set up a new database in PokerTracker (if I can figure out how to get Pacific Poker hand histories).

So, check back tomorrow - I may be rich by then!


What are my plans for tonight?

First, get home and get ridiculed by my wife for the silly new haircut I picked up today. What is it with old barber shop guys? I got my hair cut by Roberto - kinda looked like an ex-Mafia goon. I asked for a trim so he chopped off all my hair. If I suffer some kind of Samson thing and start stringing together a bunch of losing sessions, Roberto's gonna get it from me. Actually, I kinda look a bit Mafia with the hair - just more like the Joe Pesci mafia look and not the Robert DeNiro look.

Holy crap, did I ever go off-track there...So, after the "ridiculing", my wife and I are gonna watch some Hallowe'en movies - probably Hellboy (cool movie) and Saw. We may only watch a few minutes of Saw since I've heard that it's pretty f*cked up. I've been known to get dizzy and almost throw up or lose bowel control when things get too gory on screen. Just started happening recently, don't know why. What I'm saying is that I hope the night doesn't end in some vomit-fueled nightmare - that would seriously cut into my poker time.


I've just noticed that I've actually had a few returning users to the site. Even more suprising is the fact that 3 separate people today have spent longer than 5 seconds on the site! I'm guessing they the phone rang or something and they were unable to leave my site as soon as they'd hoped.

If any of you are actually readers though, then let me be the first to say Cool.

Work is running a little slow today, hence all the posts...does the word "hence" sound pretentious or just gay (not that there's anything wrong with that...lifestyles...personal freedom...etc.)


On a sad note, the Law School Dropout's poker blog is on its last legs. The author has decided that he'll stop publishing any new posts as of the end of this year. I guess if I was making a quarter of a million dollars playing poker, I'd probably want to get as much time playing as I could too.

Personally, it is a great blog and I'll keep it linked up at the right side as long as its up and running. Do yourself a favour and check it out - it's worth reading right from the beginning if you've got the time. I'm only slighly jealous that someone out there is so much better at poker than I could ever be. Anyway, to the Law School Dropout:

Congrats on some great results over the past year! I guess we'll see you at the WSOP or WPT sometime soon.

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Good weekend: Part II

I didn't play all that much more after Friday. My wife and I had a costume party to go to on Saturday night, so much of the day was spent getting ready. However, I did manage to squeeze in some limit play and an SNG.

I played for an hour or so at EuroBet on Saturday afternoon and lost about $15. I then switched over to Interpoker and won $21 - so I was up again!

I then stopped playing for while in order to shower, change, etc. It's about twenty after six when I decide to sit down and play a quick $3 SNG while my wife finalizes her costume (she dressed up as a Geisha, I was dressed up like a Hawaiian tourist...her costume was way better than mine).

Unfortunately, I don't have any notes for the SNG I played. However, I remember that it was dragging on. There were still 4 players left 45 minutes in. At this point, I'm in third place and announce that I have to leave soon to go to my party. I kick up the aggression and manage to take everyone out. Heads-up lasts a total of two hands. First hand, I pick up Q5s in the BB. Chip leader completes and I check. Flop comes down K Q 5. I put out a min-bet, chip leader bets the pot, I re-raise it and chip leader goes all in. He's got a Q4o and I take it down. Why he went all-in with Q4 I'll never understand...

Next hand, I pick up ATs on the button. I only have a minute left to play before we leave, so I push. The BB calls with his remaining T2800 in chips (vs. my T3200). He turns over a K5 and he's out. Again, why call an all-in with K5?

That win puts me in a good mood for the rest of the night and I drink myself into a stupor (I'm off the booze for a while after that night, let me tell you...).

Last night, after getting back from a day-long buffet at my sister-in-law's, my wife and I cozy up on the couch and I decide to give a $5 SNG a try. I'd doubled up my initial deposit of $20 at TigerGaming and, as promised, was ready to move up. I was considering the $5 SNG at Interpoker, but after 10 minutes, I was still the only player signed up to play.

So off I went to EuroBet for a $5 + $1. The main difference between the $3 Tiger SNGs and the EuroBet SNGs has to do with starting chip stacks and blind level timing. At Tiger, you start with T1000 and there are 10 minutes per level (about 15-20 hands per level). At Eurobet, you start with only T800 and blinds go up every 10 hands.

Anyway, on the first hand, 2 people get knocked out and we have a new chip leader. Over the course of the next few blind levels, I find myself getting no cards and end up at T340 with 7 players still remaing and the blinds at 25/50. I push all in with AT and manage to double up against a KT when the flop comes down A A K. I then double up through the chip leader with my pocket 8s against his AK.

At this point, I'm comfortably in third place with 5 players left. Top three spots pay, so I'm just trying to hang back for a bit. The chip leader finally knocks out the 5th and 4th place players over the next 5 or 6 hands and, just like that, I'm guaranteed $10 for my efforts.

First hand three-way, I pick up AK on the button. I decide to go for broke and push. The chip leader calls with his KT. I catch an ace on the flop and double up. A few more hands down the road, I pick up AQs on the button. I figure what the hell and push again, trying to steal the blinds. The former chip leader calls the bet with a 44 and I knock him out! He then writes me a little message in the chat window:

ur garbage
you just got lucky
you suck

I replied "Thank you - I am garbage" and got set for my heads-up match. We were practically tied with each other, but I managed to quickly subdue my opponent by betting aggressively on the flop, pushing all-in at random times, and sandbagging my two big hands. So, after a few months away from the $5 SNG circuit, I was back and winning again.


My recap for the weekend:

Total winnings: $44.91
Winnings with bonus: $94.91
Bankroll: $1340.83


My SNG record for October:
SNGs played: 20
$$ Won: $43.45
1st place: 6
2nd place: 5
3rd place: 8
Other: 1

But as MrVercetti would say, these numbers are probably not sustainable. Still, I'll enjoy it while it lasts...

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Good weekend: Part I

Had a pretty good weekend on the poker front. Had a pretty good weekend otherwise. Gonna try and keep this short since I'm not feeling all that hot today...don't know why...maybe cuz I had a dream last night that I was either Jet Li or Jackie Chan and having my fingers broken by the bad guy in "The Golden Child" (Sada Nimsi or something?).

I started off Friday night with one goal in mind: finish off the last of the raked hands required to clear my $50 bonus at Eurobet. Nothing all that interesting happened. It took me about 53 minutes. I made a whopping $4.87 at the tables! However, with the extra $50, I was up $54.87 on the night.

$$ WON: $54.87
I considered myself to be on a hot streak and decided that I'd take it out on the $3 SNG crowd at TigerGaming.

SNG #1
I open a beer (actually a Vex cooler - I'm married so I'm allowed to drink fruity drinks now) and fire up my first SNG of the evening. It starts out well when I hit the nut straight on the turn on my first hand - up to T1100. I don't really play another hand until Level 2 (20/40). I'm at T900 and pick up a T2s in the big blind. When I flop the flush draw, I'm thinking that this hand is either going to make me or break me. When I hit the flush on the river, I'm up to T1400.

As the blinds got higher, there were only 3 of us left. I kept trying to knock out the 3rd place guy, but he was playing tighter than tight (tried to come up with something funny...couldn't...). I finally get the guy out with my TT. I have to slow play pre-flop to get him into the hand and the flop comes down A T 8. I check, he goes all in for his last T300 or something and I call. He's got AJ (he didn't even raise pre-flop with that hand from the BB...now that's tight...and weak...) and it's all over when my set fills out to a full house when running nines hit the board on the turn and river.

I'm now in the chip lead and folding almost every hand. I'm totally card dead - not getting anything above a 7, no suited cards, nothing less than a two-gapper. I'm guessing that my opponent is getting hit in the face by the cards, because he's betting out the a-hole on every hand. I'd like to think that he was just outplaying me, but this same guy never seemed to put out bets unless he had a lock on the hand. Each time I thought I'd take a stab at the pot, he'd show me the nuts or close to them. He hit 2 flushes, three straights, and two flopped full houses to quickly knock me out like a little bitch (I'm not using the word in the derogatory-towards-women sense of the word - I'm using it in the derogatory-to-my-pathetic-poker-skills sense).

And with a whimper, I'm out in 2nd.

$$ WON: $57.72

SNG #2
I'm now on my third drink and ready for some more crazy SNG action...The SNG starts off with a guy quickly doubling up on the first hand. And then, almost immediately, he starts going all-in on every hand. When one player comments, the chip leader writes, "Call me - I have to go". Man, how many times have I heard that excuse? I eventually call the guy with my AK (I figure that I might as well give it a shot) and I double up to take the chip lead.

A few more hands down the road, crazy all-in guy is gone and there is a new chip leader at the table. At this point, the game slows down. The new chip leader refuses to use his stack to push people around. He also seems oblivious to the fact that, in NL play, you can actually bet more than the min bet. By level 3, there are still 4 people left and I'm pretty well tied for 2nd in chips. The chip leader has just begun increasing his lead by betting the pot on the river on every hand - everyone is folding to him. Me, I'm card dead and staying out of the way.

I finally knock a guy out with my AK by slow playing my top pair. I had to slow play since these players were so tight that they'd fold to any overt aggression. When I check on the flop with a K x x showing, my opponent pushes his small stack all-in. I insta-call and he shows a K6o. I hit my ace on the turn for two pair, he hits a 6 on the river - but it's all over and he's out. I'm at T2215, tied for the chip lead with only 3 people left.

Blinds are at 40/80. Although I fall to 2nd place, the chip leader loses an all-in to the small stack and becomes the short stack himself. I'm totally card dead so decide to wait it out and see if the new chip leader can knock out the 3rd place guy.
Alas, the short stack doubles up through the chip leader...I'm the only one being hurt by this - I'm blinded down to T1600 at this point.

A few hands later, I slowplay top pair again with my AQ (ace on the turn). When the chip leader puts a pot-sized bet out on the river (he's the crazy river bet guy), I push all-in and he folds.

I then knock the 2nd place guy with my two pair flop of AJ. He also has two pair on the flop with his A7 - a little unlucky for him, but I'm happy.

Heads up starts off rough - I'm card dead and my opponent is impervious to bluffs. I decide to switch gears from aggressive to passive mode pre-flop. I made the assumption that I could rely on my post-flop play to take the game. With the pots smaller, my opponent seemed less willing to call my bets on the flop. It takes me another 3 or 4 minutes to grab the chip lead and win the SNG. I'm sure he must have been wondering what the hell happened: in the space of 10 hands, he goes from a 3:1 chip lead to being down for the count.

$$ WON: $66.02

SNG #3
No more drinks for me at this point. This game is totally boring. Everyone is playing limit poker, min-bets and min-raises all over the place. Very little raising in fact - a lot of check-calling, even with the stone-cold nuts.
Getting blinded to death, more aggressive out there and I'm totally card dead. Have not had a real playable hand all SNG.

As the blinds start climbing, I'm getting low. By level 4, there are only 3 of us left but I'm almost out. I've got about T500 left with the blinds at 25/50. I get knocked out when I go all in from the BB when button folds and SB completes. SB turns over TT and I'm gone.

$$ WON: $62.57

So, all in all, a pretty good night for me. I hate bubbling out of an SNG by being blinded down to nothing, but it'll happen from time to time.

More to come in the Part II...

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Up, up and away?

I did a few things last night - had a relaxing dinner with my wife while watching Wednesday's episode of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, watched Survivor and The Apprentice, and played poker. A typical Thursday for me.

Although I was up for the month bankroll wise, I was down overall due to my dismal showing at $1/$2. Well, I'm back in the black after last night...

I only played about 30 minutes of limit at EuroBet. I would've played longer but I quickly built up a 21 BB winning streak and decided that I wanted to play some SNGs instead. I know some people frown on the Hit n' Run tactic, but there were other reasons for me getting up when I did.

  1. The table where I was up 14 BB suddenly split and I didn't want to play at a 4-handed table.
  2. The other table was filled with a bunch of TAGs and I didn't feel like actually improving my play - I just wanted the money.
  3. MrVercetti was over and both he and my wife find the SNGs more exciting to watch.
By the way, speaking of exciting to watch, did you see Spezza's goal in OT in the Sens / Habs game? I'm a huge Sens fan, by the way - they're taking the Cup home this year...

After leaving EuroBet, I log onto TigerGaming and start playing a $3 SNG. For the first time ever, three of the six players are gone in level 1. One guy was a crazy bastard who just kept going all-in - eventually his luck turned and the chip leader gave him the smackdown.

Then things slowed down considerably. The short stack decided to play the "I'm-not-gonna-play-any-hands-so-that-I-can-make-the-money" strategy. Well, it backfired. Both the chip leader and I started stealing his blinds any chance we got. Finally, after 30 minutes, it's heads up.

I was in second place, but only trailing about 3:2 in stack size. I quickly took the chip lead by playing it hard - raising on most hands and taking stabs at the pot. I was up to about T3500 and my opponent was down to T2500 when I realized what type of player I was up against.

I pick up AJ on the button and min-raise PF. I'd found that raising more than this almost guaranteed that my opponent would fold (unless I had crap cards, in which case he'd re-raise). Flop comes down A Q x. BB checks, I bet about half the pot and BB calls. Turn is an 8. BB checks, I bet about 3/4 of the pot and BB calls. River is an 8. At this point, I'm putting him on Ax. Since I have AJ, I'm thinking I'm ahead. When the BB checks, I put out another 3/4 pot-sized bet since I want him to call and he tended to call larger-sized bets. Well, he goes all-in. In retrospect, I should've checked on the end as well having only TP, but after my bet and his all-in, I'm pretty well pot-committed. So I call and he turns over A8 for the full house. Shit! I'm down to T1000 with the blinds at 40/80.

Even up against the ropes, I manage to pull back into the chip lead by picking up 92 on three consecutive hands and winning three pots with it (rivered straight, top pair and fold pre-flop).

I keep leaning into the guy and get him down to T1000. I'm on the button and see a pair of ducks, so I limp and BB calls. The flop comes down Q 6 2. BB bets 100, I raise 100, he calls. I'm putting him on top pair at this point because he only ever bets out with top or middle pair. With middle pair, he tended to fold a lot to re-raises. With sets, he slowplayed all the time. No flush draws on the board - hence my belief that he had a pair of queens. Turn is an 8 (fuck! his lucky card) and BB bets 100 again. I come over the top for another 400 and this induces the all-in reflex on his part. I insta-call and he's done like dinner. After 30 minutes of coming back time and time again, I managed to win my third $3 SNG.

I played one more SNG afterwards, but ended up in third place when I went card dead for the entire game. I did actually pick up rockets, but this happened in level 1 and no one wanted to play. The table was the tightest table I'd ever seen. After 30 minutes, 5 of the 6 people were still playing. And these guys were not playing NL - min bets and raises on every street, every hand. The only guy who didn't play this way was the guy who eventually knocked me out when he suddenly came to life with only T600 left in chips. With three people left, I was forced to go all in with pocket 9s and Mr. NL was holding pocket Ts. Oh well - shit happens, as they say.

All in all, I was up $25.05 last night. This brings my earnings for the month up to an incredible $5.58. Finally, my bankroll sits at $1,246.

By the end of the weekend, I should get my bankroll up to $1300 if I play it right at Eurobet and don't lose any money while completing my raked hands for my $50 bonus.

In other news, I should be getting money put into my Neteller account compliments of Rake the Rake - I've generated enough rake at Interpoker to qualify for a rakeback payment. I probably won't get that till mid-November though.

That's it for now. I'll probably write more later as the mood strikes me...


Yay! 100 hits! Number of returning users: 0

I'll keep up the good work...maybe I'll get a returning visit in the next couple years...


I added a new section to the right navbar called "Where's Klopzi Now?". Basically, it's just a list of where you can find usually find me playing. I'll add my Party account once I start playing there more regularly.

I'll see about getting affiliate codes for these places - although I highly recommend anyone looking to sign up for these places tries looking for a rakeback deal. I'll probably see about getting some sort of referral thingy for the rakeback sites too. I don't have any readers right now, so I'm not accountable for anything I do right now.

One more note: feel free to stop by and say hello if you catch me playing online. But if you're a good player, please don't sit down: I'm very fragile and easily broken. But if you're nice enough and ask me nicely, I'll play a heads-up match against you for some really crappy amount - like $2 or something. But hey, it is an almost guaranteed $2 in your pocket.

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Random shizzy

From Pauly's Tao of Poker:

But I know the average poker blogger is in a relationship and most of them have children, so I can only imagine the pressure that they must deal with... toeing the line with an expensive hobby. The only thing I can suspect is that they are surrounded by people who understand poker, have faith in said person, and are ultimately supportive. Otherwise they wouldn't be playing.

It's funny - when I started playing poker, my wife never worried about the money used for playing poker. Granted, I've been free-rolling since day one, but we have a different outlook on my hobby. I used to exclusively play video games as a hobby. High school, it was video games. University, video games. It wasn't until recently that I discovered this cool little hobby that can actually make me money.

Does my wife understand poker? Yes. She knows the rules, she understands the strategy, and she knows a bad beat when she sees one.

Does my wife have faith in me and my poker abilities? Absolutely. She's the one who picks me up if I have a few losing sessions. Granted, I haven't lost all that much at any one time, but I know that if I were to lose half my bankroll in one night, she'd be the first person telling me that it's okay and that I'll get it back. Unless I played like a moron, in which case she'll let me know...

Love ya baby!


I was gonna post once my Site Meter counter hit 100 unique hits. Well, it's not gonna happen before I leave work, so I'm posting anyways. I'm at 97 hits so far, but the median visit length is about 5 seconds or something ridiculous like that. Basically, people are hitting the "Next Blog" button on the toolbar at the top of the screen and landing on my site. Poor bastards...


If anyone is reading this, I'd like to know where the easiest $5 SNGs can be found. I've played them at TigerGaming, PokerRoom and PokerStars. I actually won 3 $5 SNGs at PokerStars a few months back, but am afraid to go back since I got roshambo'ed the last few times I played there. It's almost pointless playing a $5 SNG at TigerGaming since they take a good 10 - 20 minutes to fill up. And lastly, I've had some success at PokerRoom, but I'm wondering if there is an even easier place out there.

I've got accounts at Party Poker and EuroBet. Does anyone know how the $5 SNGs play at these sites? The only concern I have is the juice on these SNGs at the party sites. Are they easy enough to cover the extra cost? (Seriously, how cheap am I?) Pauly's put me in the mood to gamble a bit, much in the same way that AlCantHang makes me want to drink and the Quiet Lion makes me want to play the WPT circuit eating gourmet food every night. Geez...talk about P-I-M-P...now if only I had readers, I'd actually be generating traffic for those guys.

My plan for tonight? Survivor (kinda sucks this year - I multi-table while that's on in the background), The Apprentice, Curb your Enthusiasm, and some SNGs. I'd have a few beers, but I'm told that drinking on a weeknight makes me a raging alcoholic. I disagree but I'm too lazy to argue...stupid teetotalers...

Anyway, that's about it for now. Twenty minutes till I get to go home.

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The dog ate my homework...

Well, I had a nice long post ready and when I hit publish, it was lost. I don't want to waste too much time here, so let me break down my play last night at TigerGaming.

SNG #1
Came in 2nd place when the chip leader, holding a 3 to 1 chip lead, let me throw my chips away on bottom pair. He called me with top pair and I was done. My previous post had all sorts of witty and strategic insight...I'm sorry that it's come to this.

SNG #2
I made it to 2nd again and was totally dominating the play. Even though I had a commanding lead, I could not put the guy away. Everytime I put him all-in, he'd show down monster hands. One of the hands, the nut flush, almost knocked me out. I managed to bring us back to even by making huge pre-flop raises and outplaying him post-flop. When I picked up AKs in the BB, I made the same huge pre-flop raise. The chip leader thinks then goes all-in. I assumed he was just pissed off that I'd been playing back at him so hard and was making a stand - well he was...with the Hilton sisters. He made his set on the flop and I was done.

SNG #3
I made a stupid play when I was third in chips. Flop was 8 8 9 and I had A9s. I bet out on the flop and the chip leader called. Turn was a K, chip leader checks, I bet, he raises, I call. River is a Q, he makes a 1/2 pot-sized bet, I go all in. He sits there for a good 20 seconds, then types in the chat, "Your night is over Klopzi" and turns over his flopped quad 8s. Bastard!

In all fairness, I deserved to be out in 4th spot and not 3rd. Earlier in the SNG, with 4 people left, I'd gone all in on 99 trying to steal the blinds or something (actually a silly little move in retrospect). I get called by a player with about 100 chips more than me (bad sign). I'm hoping he's got an underpair (yeah right) or two overcards...nope, cowboys! Flop comes down x x K - another player hitting his/her set on me! So the only way I'm staying in this thing is by giving out a real mother of a bad beat. The two possibilities are: catch running 9s or catch running spades. Anyway, I caught my flush on the river, got called a "luky dikhead" and proceeded to knock the same guy out next hand with my J8s (they were s00ted). Don't remember what he had - I'll have to work on that I guess.



For anyone interested, here is my month to date. Surprisingly, I'm still ahead bankroll-wise despite my dismal showing at the tables as of late.

BANKROLL: $1215 (+$98)
EARNINGS: -$25 (not counting bonuses)
1st place finishes: 2
2nd place finishes: 3
Other finishes: 6 (5 third place finishes)

Not the greatest month ever, but being up $98 isn't that bad at this stage in the game. I'd like to get my earnings up to $0 - I'd rather break even as a winning player than be up as a losing player.


One last thing: my brother sent me an e-mail this morning. I'm a big fan of bathroom humour and my brother is an expert at telling the funniest stories about him, co-workers or friends having a rough time of things in the "don't-shit-your-pants-in-public" department. Anyway, the little blurb he put into his e-mail this morning really cracked me up. The setting for his story is somewhere in China wher he's currently residing while training to be a tai-chi master:

No new fart stories, but then again my life is a fart/shit story. I remember when I had this bout of diarrhea coming on. I was walking outside with my Chinese teacher. I thought I could hold it until we got to our destination, but I couldn't. The sweats started to come, then the drunken walk. My ass was so clenched that my knees were turned inwards making my legs extend diagonally rather than straight. I walked into a firehydrant, almost breaking my leg. My teacher yells out "Oh my god, are you alright?" Then I tell him that I need a bathroom, fast" He starts looking for a nice clean place, but after a while I tell him that if he doesn't find a place in 2 minutes that I 'm gonna rip down my pants and shit on the street (this kinda of talk shocked him). So, he brings me into this run down restaurant where the toilet is a squatter ( a hole in the floor). Jesus Christ it felt good to let it all go, but no toilet paper. So, I had to tuck my naked ass behind the door and yell for my teacher to get me toilet paper. He came back with some napkins and all was good.


More to come when I get a chance...seriously, I can't believe the post I'd been working on was eaten...I'll try to come up with something insightful later to make up for this garbage.


Just read the review for World Poker Tour 2K6 at GameSpot. No mention of the fact that the game plays like a giant crap shoot nor any mention that gameplay is slow.

Hmm...7.1 out of 10? Whatever...I'm still gonna play it until I can win at least one tournament. I can't play poker online when I'm on my exercise bike so this game is still the next best thing.


Started reading Sklansky's Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players.

I jumped straight to the section on short-handed play since I feel this is one part of my game that's even worse than the rest of my game. This morning, I started reading from the beginning. There are a few things I find worrying right off the bat:
  1. Liberal use of the word "sometimes". For me, sometimes = opportunities for me to give my money to the good players.
  2. The book's claim that it makes good hold'em players into great hold'em players...so what does it do for mediocre poker players?

Here's a drinking game for anyone out there with an extra case of beer (or a few bottles of SoCo and absolutely nothing to do other than read this crap blog.
  1. Everytime I type "...", take a shot...
  2. Everytime I type "-", take a shot - a good-sized shot...
  3. Every time I type "so" - well, you guessed it...take a shot.
You know what, I'd put more but I don't want anyone to get hurt.

So, that's it for now - but I'm sure I'll have more to say later...

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Random shizzit

I'm going to start posting stuff that I read elsewhere that I find interesting. It'll usually be poker related, but I can't guarantee that. I'm a big fan of movies, video games and beer too...yes, I'm a nerd! My wife's just coming to terms with that... (love ya baby!)


Here's an excerpt from Pauly's Tao of Poker. Granted, this is an early post (December 2003), but it looks like I'm not the only one who gets screwed on the "heads-up-paired-flop-what-are-the-chances-that-he-has-the-set" hands:

I walked into an insane hand that my brother flopped. I held Q-5 suited (h). The flop: Q-7-7. I bet he calls. The turn: K. I bet he raises, I call. The river: 5. I go all-in. he quickly calls and turns over a full house Qs and 7s. He flopped the full house and I lost all my chips to go down $310.

I was telling MrVercetti that I like to read poker blogs from the first entry to the last entry, as opposed to just jumping in mid-stream. Although it's a lot of reading (or as Al put it:
"Oh god help you. I can't believe you went through my archives"
) , I find it to be a more satisfying plan of attack. Why? I think in order to become a better poker player and learn the sometime-subtle nuances that separate the fish from the sharks, it's important to see that same growth in others. Why make the same mistakes as everyone else if you don't have to?

Many of the big poker bloggers out there are successful poker players because they write about and think about poker when most casual players are sitting around doing whatever it is they do (I seem to have forgotten what I used to do and it's only been 8 months...). I started this blog for three reasons:
  1. Most importantly, to become a better poker player by being made to think about and write about my play on a daily (or near-daily) basis.
  2. To get free stuff...I don't think I will, but I'll cling to that belief.
  3. And lastly, to document my (hopeful) rise throughout the ranks of the poker world. I want to show that given a measly $5, you can gradually build it up to giant chunk of cash. I don't care about the money...I just want to sit down at a table with the big boys and hold my own. I'm just building the bankroll so that I can do it. It may take me twenty years, but it'll happen...
I know...big talk for someone just breaking even at the micro-limits. It's my blog though, so there... Still, I've read about others' exploits and read about them climbing the ranks and one day realizing that they are pretty damn good at this poker thing. I may be at the bottom of ladder, but as long as that next rung is within reach, I'll keep climbing.

Plus, poker's considered a sport now and I'm told that I need the exercise.


I've played a couple SNGs so far this evening...they're taking forever, but I've come in 2nd twice. Bit of a cold-deck the second time, but what are you gonna do. I'm only playing for $3 a pop, so it serves me right I guess.

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Eurobet works for me

My wife was out painting a friend's place last night, so I had lots of time to lose some more money.

Before I get into that, I'll give you an update on the new X-box game I'm playing - World Poker Tour 2K6. I'd created my avatar a couple nights ago, so I was ready to go ahead and start playing. Starting out my "WPT career", the first venue was the Aviation Club in Paris. I'm given two choices: play a $22 satellite for entry into the super satellite or play the $100 super satellite. Winning the super satellite would buy me a $5000 seat for the WPT event. You're only given $1000 to start, so I played a couple satellites (won one of them) and two super satellites (one for free, got knocked out quickly in both).

What's good about the game? It's poker...that's about it so far. Here's my list of complaints:

  1. Blind levels in the satellite are 10 minutes simulated, meaning that you get to go around the table twice before the blinds go up. There are only 6 people at the table. So starting with $1000 in chips and the blinds at $10/$20, you really have to start gambling early in order to stay alive.
  2. Blind levels in the super satellite are 5 minutes simulated (once around the table). Unless you get really lucky, you're out of the tournament before you even settle down. Seriously, I thought they'd give you a half decent number of hands at each blind level so that you could actually play poker and not just gamble.
  3. Opponents are total calling stations. Mind you, they are only amateur opponents right now, so I guess they're playing properly. A few times, I've gone all in with a pretty good hand heads up - like Ax or two high cards. These guys (and gals...one of them looked like Jennifer Tilly, I think...coincidence?) will call my all-ins with anything. I got my hands busted by the stupidest hands on multiple occasions (T7, 86, 52, 32, etc.).
  4. My biggest complaint though is the game's speed. I'm used to online poker - fast and to the point. This game makes you sit there and watch each opponent do a little animation and say "call/fold/raise/etc." for every hand. It takes about 10-15 seconds per hand if you want to fold and skip the hand and it can take a minute or two if you want to play the hand...dear Lord! Faster than a real B&M poker room but far too slow for the video game generation.
I'm still undecided about the game though - I want to see how the game plays once you make it into a WPT event. I also tried the Omaha Hi/Lo and got punked by the AI. I guess I should learn how to play Omaha Hi/Lo before playing it.


Poker action last night was pretty standard. Actually, I had a winning session which has become rare since starting this blog. I guess it's more fun to write about my downfall than it is my rise to power (or whatever equivalent you can apply to a run-of-the-mill computer programmer who plays poker instead of spending quality time with friends and family).

As I said yesterday, I signed up with Eurobet poker late Sunday night. I was hoping the fishy-goodness of the party skins (ex-party skins...fuck me, that's gonna get annoying...) would help revive my dying limit career. I have 250 raked hands to play in order to collect a $50 bonus. And the way I've been running, I'll play anywhere that gives me free money for clicking the FOLD button for hours on end.

So I sit down at a couple 0.50/1.00 (oh the shame of it all...) tables and start folding. I did manage to play a few hands. Here's a quick rundown of the highlights for you:
  • Lost a crap-load (well, $5.50) when my cowboys ran into a flopped set of nines. I still don't know how you can get away from playing these types of hands to the river. I managed to save some of my money by playing like a little girl on the turn and river, check-calling every street. I was sure that the guy I was up against had either AA, QQ, JJ or AK based on his pre-flop betting. Then again, I don't think I have the mad skillz needed to put people on hands just yet. When the crazy bastard capped it on the flop though, I was pretty sure I was dead to a king. And like most shitty players, I paid 2 more BBs to find out that I was , indeed, way behind on the flop.
  • Another funny pot where I once again I lost to paired board on the flop. I'm holding 88 in middle position and just limp. There are 6 players in the pot. Flop is 2 2 4. As usual, I'm pretty sure I'm ahead. 3 checks to me, I bet, all but one player folds. I'm hoping the guy has a 4 and not a 2. Turn is a 5. I bet, I get raised, I call. I mean, I've still got the overpair...I could be ahead, right? Although flop betting can be somewhat deceptive, a player will typically show the true strength of their hand on the turn. I completely ignored that advice from Bob Ciaffone (I am such a pimp when it comes to pushing the poker paraphenalia, eh?). I check-call the river and see that I was up against quad 2s!! Dear Lord! I'm now 0 for 1000 when playing against someone with the board paired...
  • The last bit of crap play on my part happened when I broke one of the cardinal rules of limit poker - drop it like it's hot if overcards fall on the flop and you've got a big pocket pair. I had JJ and raised it up and got two callers. Flop comes x K A. Two overcards, two opponents, easy fold, right? Not for me. I play it to the river (although the turn was checked through) and lose to an A3s (the guy actually hit the nut flush on the river, not that he needed it). Only lost $2.50 on this one, so I should count myself lucky.

I did have some good moments though:
  • Won $7 when I flopped the royal flush draw on the flop and hit the nut flush on the turn against two opponents. Both were feeling frisky (a term I've stolen from Richard "Quiet Lion" Brodie and decided to get into a raising war. I was happy to take their money!
  • Won another $7 when I re-raised UTG's PF raise with my JJ. Flop comes down J 7 2. I bet out since my opponent likes to call everything, and get called. Turn is a 3. I bet again, he calls. River is a 3 - yay! Got the boat! I bet, opponent raises...wtf? Is he holding quad 3s? Who raises UTG with 33? I decide it's pretty unlikely and we cap the river betting. So what did Mr. Genius raise with pre-flop? How about the mighty K3o?! It's times like these that I realize it is possible to make money playing poker as long as I run into guys like that. I consoled him on his tough luck (and it was - if he hadn't hit trips, he would've folded on the river...I hope) - he ended up staying in the game for a while longer and I gave him some of his money back later, as is the usual for me.

Update: You'll see in the comments that the Quiet Lion dropped me a line to let me know that he got the term "frisky" from Erick "E-Dog" Lindgren, who in turn may have taken it from "Killer Poker". And if you don't know Richard "Quiet Lion" Brodie, what are you waiting for? Another great read and well worth your time (check the link to the right) - just don't read it on an empty stomach...


Did you say SNG? Too bad...played another $3 SNG at Tiger. Came in third when everyone at the table got run over by a maniac going all-in on every hand. How many showdowns can you win this way? He only needed to win five and took everyone down. He caught a two-outter to knock me out in third...crazy mofo! I'll get him next time...


When I stop playing for the night, I should stick to my guns and really stop. Turn off the laptop, unplug the network cable: I don't use that new-fangled "wi-fi" networking stuff - too much interference in my apartment (read: I'm a moron and can't figure out how to set up a wireless network properly so that it works with online poker rooms). Anyway, I hopped onto Interpoker and lost $8.35 in 50 minutes. I then called it night...


My wife brought home Tim-bits (donut holes for any readers out there not from Canada) and Combos (cheese-filled pretzels...pretzels are healthy, right?) when she got back from painting last night. Mental note to self: do not gorge five minutes before going to bed. Although my wife is painting again tonight...


I'd like to give a special shout out to Al from AlCantHang who becomes the first person to acknowledge my "work" here. If you haven't taken a look at his site yet, do yourself a favour and do it now. It's far more interesting than listening to me ramble on about the few bucks I've won and lost.


At some point in time, I'll let you in on my favourite hand. Not really favourite, but I'll play it so that I don't anger the Poker Gods. Not as powerful as The Hammer, but it can hold its own...

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Fall of the Empire: Part II

As I mentioned earlier, I'll recap my play this weekend on TigerGaming's $3 + 0.45 SNGs.

I decided to first try these SNGs last Thursday night (with my friend MrVercetti's guarantee that the games were dead easy) and ended up placing in 3rd place twice and once in 5th place. I figured that I'd gone wrong by not drinking while playing...

Friday night, my wife and I went out shopping and took care of some other things before getting home. After dinner and just relaxing for a while, the old laptop gets fired up, I grab a beer, and I get ready to lose a bit more money.

SNG #1: 10:17 PM
The first SNG goes by pretty slowly. First off, not a single person is knocked out in the first 4 levels of blinds. (MrVercetti's a fucking liar!) Everyone's playing tight and it isn't until the blinds hit T100/T200 that people start falling off. It all happens pretty quickly and we're three way before I know it. I grab a third beer and I grab the chip lead around the same time by using my tight table image to my advantage. Once the other two stacks realize that I'm not going anywhere (and that I'll put them to a decision for all their chips on any given pot), they decide to duke it out and it's soon heads-up. I grab a fourth beer (my wife commented that I tend to drink beer faster playing poker - probably because I take a sip between hands and there are a lot of hands...).

Finally, I'm in the money. And now, I'm in the chip lead and I have nothing to lose. I'm pushing and prodding at the guy, trying to get him to lose his cool and go all-in with garbage. Finally, about 5 minutes in, he loses it when I put him all-in and he calls. I have A5s - he has 32s. Flop comes down A 4 9. So far so good! River: 2. And wouldn't you know it, but the river is a 5, giving me two pair and giving the other guy the wheel straight. I had to fight the urge to start tilting...

A couple hands later, I'm finishing up my beer and limp on the button with 68s. We see the flop - 6 8 Q. I know that this is the hand where I'm gonna win it. Sure enough, Mr. Lucky bets the pot and as usual, I push back with an all-in raise. He thinks about it and calls with nothing (ace high). Two seconds later, it's all over and I've won! $11.70 - I'm rich!

SNG #2: 11:45
I grab a fifth beer and make my wife a Caesar (a really, really salty Caesar...oops). Again, no one gets knocked out until level 2. I've been playing a little friskier than normal and am quickly out in third spot.

I seem to recall getting some bad breaks, but it could've just been the six beers and my non-existent attention span. I put my money in as the favourite against the table's maniac a few times and lost three or four times before getting knocked out in a completely boring and wholely unremarkable way.

SNG #3: Saturday 3:00 PM
I'd been playing pretty crazy, and at level 3 there were still 5 people left. I only had about T800 left from my original T1000. When UTG player raised for 200, I looked down and see my TT in the BB. I decided that he had to be bluffing (he had been raising a lot of pots) and went all-in for my last T815. UTG called and showed QQ and I was down to my last 535 chips. I'm pretty sure I was tilting at this point. I was watching some movie called The Last Casino (about some blackjack card counters) at the same time, so I was still having fun.

Next hand, the short stack at the table went all in for 215 chips. I was int the small blind SB with 44, so I called and my hand held up against an A7.

With four people left, I was still in bad shape as the blinds kept climbing. I doubled up through the button when I raised with AK from the small blind and he called. Flop came down A 8 3. I checked (changing gears to throw the button off), he bet the pot, I called. A quick note for any new players out there: look out for players calling pot-sized bets. Unless you know for a fact that they are weak players, it usually signifies trouble - they've either got a monster or that they will try and steal the pot from you on the turn if a scare card comes. Anyway, the turn showed a 2, I went all-in representing a shitty steal attempt (I don't think a 2 is a good scare card with no flush or straight draws), and the button called showing A7o. River is another 2 and I've doubled up against someone holding an A7 for the second time that afternoon.

With the blinds at 50/100 and only 3 players left, I raised to 250 with TT from the button. The SB, who'd been playing crazy and pushing all-in any chance he got, had only 715 left. He pushed, BB folded and I called. SB shows AQ and proceeded to hit 2 spades on the flop and caught runner-runner spades to take the pot with his Queen of Spades.

The next blind level, I was in the SB with K9s. When the button (new chipleader) folded, I raised to 3xBB and the big blind (Mr. Flush) called. Flop came down Q 9 2. I knew that I had this guy beat and bet the pot. Mr. Flush pushed all-in as usual and I insta-called. He showed K2o vs. my K9 - I had him dominated and was in good shape to pull into the chip lead. Turn was a blank, but the river was a 2 giving Mr. Flush trips. The very next hand, I picked up K2 on the button and pushed with my last 315 chips and was quickly out in third spot.

SNG #4: Sunday 9:10 PM
People ar going out pretty quickly. I pick up some quality hands but get no takers in the early stages of the SNG. With the blinds at 30/60, I double with my A2 hitting trip 2s by the river vs the chip leader's 33. I'm still in pretty bad shape though.

A few hands later, I double up again vs the chip leader by flopping my set of fours against the chip leaders pocket 8s. A few hands later, the chip leader knocks out the third place stack with his KK vs. the small stack's AQ.

The head's up match is quick when get all in vs. the chip leader with my AKs vs. his 33. I hit one of my kings on the flop but get rivered when my opponent gets a 3 on the river. Stupid river...still, second place pays $6.30.

SNG #5: Sunday 10:10 PM
This one was funny since most 3 of the 6 players knocked out lost due to being blinded to death. The third place guy folded to a PF raise when the blinds were 100/200 and he was in the big blind with only 165 chips left after posting.

I managed to stay in second or third place for most of the SNG. I knocked a player out early when his AK ran into my QQ. I doubled up through the chip leader later on when I flopped the nut flush. I doubled up again through the chip leader when there were only three left when my T9 hit two trip tens on the flop. The chip leader was aggressive, so I slow played it. When a nine came on the river, giving me the boat, I raised the chip leader's pot-sized bet and he called since he was pot committed.

Once the third place player was knocked out, I was the chip leader going heads up with the player who had the chip lead for most of the SNG. I managed to pull it together and really worked my mojo. I changed gears a bunch of times, sandbagging him at times, playing the all-in game at others. Although he almost regained the chip lead, it was all over when he min raised from the button and I put him all in with my 88. He calls and shows T8 and it's all over! My second win and another $11.70.

My Tiger SNG stats so far:
1st: 2 ($23.40)
2nd: 1 ($6.30)
Other: 5
Total won/lost: $29.70 - $27.60 = $2.10

Well, I'm not getting rich playing the SNGs, but it's giving me good practice. Hopefully, I'll get back to the point where I can play and win the $5 SNGs and, someday soon, the $10 SNGs as well.

Current Month: -$49
Current Bankroll: $1212


I hope for everyone's sake that I get better at this writing thing...My entries read like a seven year old's "What I did last summer" essay...

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Fall of the Empire

I'm finished at Empire poker as well. First off, the bonus was too hard to clear. Secondly, my play at Empire on Saturday has jinxed me forever at that poker room.

I sat down mid-afternoon on Saturday to play some $1/$2 hoping to recoup my previous losses. Well, it didn't work out that way. In fact, it was all over 20 minutes into the session.

First hand, I pick up QQ in the CO. The pot's raised by UTG + 1, I re-raise and only the UTG + 1 calls.

Flop comes down T 6 2. UTG + 1 bets, I raise, UTG + 1 re-raises, I cap. Now I'm thinking that I may be in trouble, but I've got to see this through. Turn comes a 7, UTG + 1 bets, I call. River comes a rag, UTG + 1 bets, I call. Well, he had pocket sixes for the flopped set.

A few hands later, I pick up AKs in EP2. I raise, and SB re-raises. I cap it. Flop misses me, but I bet out and get raised. A lot of players try this tactic to pick up the pot, so I re-raise and he calls. Now I'm a little worried. Turn misses me again, I check, he checks. River is a blank as well. Checked to me again. I bet hoping to take the pot down, but get called and lose to a pair of nines. I shouldn't have bet on the end, but I was still steaming from the QQ fiasco.

All in all, I lost the 20 BBs that I was afraid I'd lose. So I'm back down to 0.50/1.00 for a while. After I win back my 150 BBs, I may try 0.50/1.00 short-handed for a while and try and develop my skills there for a bit, rather than jumping back up to $1/$2. We'll see...

Anyway, after leaving Empire, I signed up with Eurobet last night (another ex-party skin). I've signed up for rakeback with Rake The Rake. Once that clears, I'll have rake back at a site where the tables are always full. I hope that this turns everything around for me.

Mind you, the weekend was not all bad. I became a godfather yesterday and I picked up a new X-box game as well (World Poker Tour 2K6). So far, I'm not impressed, but I've only played about 15 minutes. We'll see...

I also had a pretty good run at the TigerGaming $3 + 0.45 SNGs. I'll fill in the details later today when I get the chance.


Finished reading all of Al's blog (great read, btw), and am going to start reading Pauly's Tao of Poker. I'll put the link up in my Poker Blog links.

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Sit N' Gone

First off...two weeks ago it was 35 degrees outside (that's 95 for any American readers). This morning, it's -5 degrees (26) and my car's covered in ice. Seriously - what happened to fall?


Last night, at MrVercetti's suggestion, I give the $3 + 0.45 SNGs a go at TigerGaming. I take $20 of my hard-earned bankroll and get ready to take out some fish (maybe I should stop calling them fish since they're better than I am). MrVercetti's been pushing these $3 SNGs down my throat for the past month or so, so I'm ready to start earning some easy money. First place in these things pays $11.70 and second pays $6.30.

Long story short? I suck...hard.

Long story long? I actually took some notes and have some recaps to give you. If you're wondering why I was playing such low stakes SNGs, well, I'm still a low stakes player. I wish I could play the $1000 + $65 SNGs on Party...

SNG #1 (8:05 PM)
Survivor's just starting when I finally fire up the laptop. MrVercetti shows up and I grab a seat for the next $3 SNG. In the first 4 levels, 4 people get knocked out but I'm slowly getting blinded down. I pick up only one playable hand in level 3 (A7s on the button), but have done nothing for the most part. I was dealt Q8 offsuit about 12 times over the course of this SNG!

Once we get down to three people, both other players tighten up. I'm short-stack, so I know I'm going to have to make some moves to stay in it. I pick up the blinds here and there and really start using my tight table image to my advantage. But to no avail...the chip leader is just pushing people all in on every hand and the second place a-hole has decided not to play at all.

With the blinds at 50/100, I end up all in with the nut flush draw and lose. Still, 3rd place isn't too bad for a first try.

SNG #2 (9:10 PM)
Another $3.45, another five opponents. Unlike the first SNG, I pick up some pretty good hands - just a little too early. Pick up rockets in level one and I'm up T400. Nothing really happens until level 4 with only 3 people left. I'm getting short-stacked again and push with KK - everyone folds. The chip leader is a calling station - completely unbluffable. He has T4500 chips left, so he's calling anything coming his way.

Finally with the blinds getting pretty high (my M was about 4 at this point for any Harrington readers out there), I pick up 99 on the button. I push, chip leader insta-calls, and I'm dead to a two-outer when he turns over AA. Again, out in third on the bubble...

SNG #3 (10:05 PM)
More of the same here, but this time the table is much tighter. We get to level 3 and I'm short-stacked at T500. I've had my aces cracked, Hilton sisters cracked, a missed flop with AK and a couple busted flush draws.

There are still 5 people left and I'm under the gun with 88. I raise to 3xBB (trying to induce a re-raise or all-in from someone else) and UTG+2 (current chip leader) raises to T300 and everyone folds to me. I only have T400 left, so I push all in and again, insta-call. Chip leader turns over Jacks and I'm out in 5th spot.

All in all, a miserable first outing. I can't believe I ran into higher pocket pairs on two of my all-ins. Still, serves me right. I was playing loose-weak the entire night. I'm really out of practice with my no-limit game. I'll have to see what I can do to get it back.


Going out to lunch today at work. I just started here about two weeks ago - wonder if it's a drinking crowd or not. If it is, it'll be a good afternoon.


Back from lunch. Had a beer, but no one else had any more, so I couldn't push it. Oh well...Had a "Maple Leaf Burger" - otherwise known as undercooked greasy burger covered in cheese, bacon, and mushrooms that seemed to have been dropped on the floor. I still ate the whole thing - I mean, I'm not gonna waste a bacon-cheeseburger - but it was a real trial.


Want to do something fun tonight. I'm gonna see if my wife wants to go out with some of our friends. If not, beer and Internet poker (is it considered drinking alone when I'm playing poker online?). I feel like trying some more SNGs at Tiger cuz I'm a sucker for punishment. Also want to give the $1/$2 at Empire a try and see how much $$ I can lose.


Number of hits to my site: 36
Number of these hits that are mine: 3
Number of visits that lasted longer than 1 minute: 1
Number of comments: 0

Obviously, this is the sweetest poker blog on the 'Net. Gonna find some other ways to advertise the site...I'm such an egomaniac.

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How many raked hands?

Another day, another dollar. I've got to get some real work done today. I've got a meeting next Monday and I'd better make sure I'm ready. So I'll try not to be too long-winded today, if possible...probably not.

I was out later than expected again last night. It's hard to head out to a birthday party and leave early. It's especially hard when you're trying to set up a Hot Wheels race track thingy. Are they serious? This thing had 15 or 20 pieces and a bunch of stickers that had to get placed on each piece. Then trying to build the thing while my nephews played with the individual pieces was nuts! Still, I got cake and spinach dip (not at the same time), so I was happy. Unfortunately, my wife made me eat dinner before we left so I wouldn't make a pig of myself - that plan backfired...

We got home around 10 pm or so and after getting settled in, I fired up the laptop and checked my Neteller account. The cashout at Absolute had gone through and I was ready for Empire Poker. First, the good news: they have a 100% deposit bonus up to $300. That is an awesome deal! The bad news: you need to play 20x raked hands to clear. I foolishly deposited $125, leaving me with 2500 raked hands to play to get my $125 bonus. In two hours of playing last night, I only cleared about 100 raked hands (and I was 3-tabling for a good chunk of that time). So I will probably not clear the bonus...

I was only playing 0.50/1.00 but I was just trying to get a feel for the play on the site. Well, same as it ever was - some players fishy, some players not. One thing I have noticed is how the overall play at most sites is a lot tighter and a lot more aggressive than it was even 6 months ago. WTF? Either I suck a lot harder than I thought or I'm in real trouble if I think I can make any money playing poker.

After two hours of play, I was up $8.75. Excellent. Finally a winning night again - albeit at 0.50/1.00 but a winning night all-the-same. I e-mailed myself a list of some hands to post this morning, but the e-mail never showed. I'll try and recap some of the hands below.

First off, the first 1h 20m of play sucked hard. Twice, I had my pocket pairs run into higher pocket pairs. On one hand, my pocket 6s ran into pocket 7s. Being an aggressive player, I tried to take the pot down on the flop and on the turn to no avail. I sometimes wonder about these people who call down a player betting aggressively with two overcards on the board. I lost a chunk of change on this hand.

Big slick big sucked for me last night - lost twice, split twice (when my opponents were also holding big slick). The funny thing is that I was the aggressor in the splits and again, these guys are calling down everything. I never realized I was so transparent..

I had a huge loss when I got totally screwed over on a heads-up hand (I seem to be on the losing end of these things more often than not). Here's the recap:

Hero dealt [Qh 6d]
All fold to the SB, Hero is in BB

SB raises to $1
Hero calls [This guy's record showed he was 4/4 for steal attempts]
Flop comes down J 6 4
SB checks, Hero bets, SB Calls.
Turn is another 6.
SB bets, Hero raises, SB re-raises, Hero calls [WTF? Is it possible we both have the set?]
River is a blank.
SB Bets, Hero calls [I'm not going to raise now]
Pot is $12 - SB shows [J J] and wins with full house, Jacks over sixes.

Well...shit! I hate getting a monster hand heads-up and losing.

Some other awful hands included two hands played against an aggressive PF raiser who liked to steal my blinds. Twice I defended with TT and with AJs. My TT ran into his J7s with a J on the board (this guy capped it pre-flop with a J7s...stupid/lucky bastard!) and my AJs ran into his AQ. Stupid cold deck!

I also played AA like a baby and failed to get some extra bets on the end. In my defense, the flop came down with a flush draw and straight draw. The turn showed a third suited card for the possible flush draw and put a high card on the board. The river put a card down that put four to a straight on the board. Luckily for me, my one opponent had cowboys. Maybe I should have bet more aggressively since the pot was heads-up and we capped it pre-flop. Still, my record in heads-up play is garbage.

On a good note, I won a monster pot ($20) with my AJs when I flopped two-pair and picked up my full-house on the turn. There were two players in the pot with me betting like crazy, so I made off like a bandit in this one.

At this point, I'm only down $24 from my play this month. I may give $1/$2 a try at Empire and see if it's any better than Interpoker. I'm also gonna play some SNGs tonight with MrVercetti as my wingman. I'll see what I can do about clearing my deposit bonus at Empire, but it's looking grim. I really wish I'd brought my laptop to work - I'd be able to put down some boring stats and other fun stuff.

Oh well, off to the wonderful world of flow charts...

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New goals, new goals...

Actually updated goals, not new goals. And goals may be a strong word. It's hard to come up with titles for every little useless clump of words I slap down on these pages.

I've decided what I'll be doing poker-wise for the next 12 days.

First off, I'm gonna see if I can just get the last pesky 20 BBs lost at $1/$2 so that I can move back down to my comfort zone of 0.50/1.00. Even though I'll be out for a large portion of this evening, I'm pretty sure I'll manage to squeeze in enough time to make a donation to the fine players at Interpoker.

However, if by some quirk of fate my cashout from Absolute Poker has gone through, I'll see if I can pump some money into my Empire account. So any sharks still playing there since the Party vs. skin split, get ready for some fresh meat. I'm not afraid of pissing my money away and I'm probably on tilt.

A second goal came to mind while I was out having a coffee with good 'ole MrVercetti (I do work...sometimes...). TigerGaming runs 6-person $3 SNGs: just the thing I need to get my SNG skills back up to par. I'm going to take $20 and play these $3 SNGs until I double up or lose it all. I've had pretty good luck at TigerGaming in the SNG department. The main problem I'll have is that $3 per SNG does not necessarily put the pressure on me to win. But since I have to account for my performance here, I may try a little harder.

By next month, I may try some of the $5 + $1 SNGs on Party. I have to admit: listening to Al describe how easily he was winning these things really makes me wonder why I'm not giving them a shot. Then again, he's a good player and I'm not...maybe I should give the SoCo a try. I couldn't play any worse drunk than I do sober...


From now on, I'll try to keep all my posts on a given day in one gigantic post - unless I can come up with some witty title. Otherwise, I'll be completely out of ideas within the next 6 months at this rate.


Just like this ...


Seriously, if anyone out there ever reads this, please leave me a comment. And a real comment at that. No, I'm not interested in visiting your Real American Girls site. And I'm happily married, so feel free to keep the Russian Brides all for yourself. And while I'm honored that my site "is very interesting and [you] look forward to reading my future posts", I just couldn't care less about the site templates that you are peddling. Hmm, I guess my brother was wrong - I am a prick!

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Took the night off

I took a night off from the tables last night. Kinda by choice, kinda by necessity. I'm becoming a godfather this weekend (insert shitty Marlon Brando impersonation here) and I needed some new clothes. It seems that playing poker every night and eating crackers is not good for the waistline...

So, my wife and I go out shopping. We picked up some a couple nice gifts for my soon-to-be goddaughter (god-daughter?) and also pick up a few nice things for my nephew - it's his birthday tonight. I've got four nephews and a niece so far (plus two honorary nieces as well), so that's a lot of birthday parties and presents. My wife's family is pretty big so there are times when family is definitely the driving force in our lives. Where was I ...?

We pick up some clothes and some presents, but I also stop by EB Games to trade in a couple of games in exchange for some used ones. I got rid of Sid Meier's Pirates (a little too much repetition and "dancing" for me) and Forza Motorsport (I don't have the patience for realistic driving simulators anymore). I picked up a couple games that I'm happy with - Chronicles of Riddick and Mafia. Both games are good so far. I think the Riddick game is going to be a little harder for me to play since I'm old and my reflexes are crap. Mafia is a lot like GTA so far - just set in the 30s - but it's been pretty good up till now.

When will I play poker again? I've pulled my money out of Absolute Poker. Once it gets into my Neteller account, I'm going to make a $500 deposit at Empire in order to take full advantage of the 20% first-time deposit bonus. If I can just play some 0.50/1.00 limit and not lose, I should recoup my losses at Absolute. I still have another 20 BBs to lose at Interpoker's $1/$2, so I've got that to look forward to as well.

I've been reading the blogs you see at the side and most poker players seem to hit a wall every so often. I think I may have hit that wall. I've been running pretty good up till now - 5 straight months in the black. But I'm only down $33 this month, so I should be able to climb out (I've probably just jinxed myself). Still, I'll try to hit my 0 BBs won/lost at $1/$2 for you, my readers (who I'm sure still don't exist despite the 22 hits this site has received) and make a bit more $$ at 0.50/1.00.

That's all for now, more later I'm sure after I get some work done.

By the way, here's some more blatant advertising cuz I felt like trying out the Amazon product links with pictures (I suck, I know...I'm a greedy prick, what can I say?):

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Shipping delayed

I was going to pick up World Poker Tour 2K6 for Xbox tonight but it looks like it won't be out for another week or so. So screw that...I'm gonna pick something else up. For the last couple years, I've been buying and trading used games at either EB Games or Microplay. I've got a couple games to trade in now - I just don't know what I want.

I think I'll leave the whole Poker on Xbox thing alone. I play enough poker as it is and it might be nice to take a break. I just need to find the right game to do it. I'm a huge fan of Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. My wife got me the GTA 3 and Vice City Bundle for Xbox, although I'd played both games like a crazy bastard on the PS2. There's a new box set coming out that includes all 3 GTA games (3, Vice City, San Andreas). For some reason, I didn't like San Andreas - not enough mafia stuff, I guess.

So we'll see what I pick up. I'm most likely taking a break from poker for the next couple nights. Although my Empire Poker account should be back up and running which means that there are some bonuses I can take advantage of (which would help my as-of-late ailing bankroll).

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School of Hard Knocks

Anything that comes easy isn't worth learning...or so they say...or so I say.

After my meltdown at Absolute, I did the smart thing and started multi-tabling $1/$2 at Interpoker. While things started off well, my game and my bankroll quickly went south. After two hours of play at Interpoker, I was down another $49. This puts me at -55 BBs for the month at $1/$2. If I lose another 20 BBs, it's back to 0.50/1.00 exclusively for a little while.

So what went wrong? Did I stink up the joint? Was I chasing too much? Was I playing bad cards? Although the easy answer is no, I probably did something wrong - maybe the Poker Gods had had enough of my winning streak and decided that my time was up.

In the 315 hands I played last night, I got 21 pocket pairs total. Surprisingly, I was only down $4.25 playing these hands. What does surprise me is that my QQ was busted twice and on my third try with the Hilton sisters, my opponent was holding the same cards. QQ vs. QQ - just that kind of night.

The biggest disaster of the evening came when I was holding TT on the button. EP limps in, CO raises, I re-raise, BB caps it at 4 bets, CO calls, I call. Flop comes down 4 T A. Since everyone was raising, there's no way I'm slowplaying this, so when my 2 opponents check to me, I bet and get two callers. Turn comes down a 5 - no flush draws, a possible gut shot broadway straight draw, or an unlikely wheel straight. Checks to me again, I bet, BB raises. Oh, so a check-raise. Possible holdings - AA, AK, AT, KK, QQ (this guy was pretty aggressive so he could have an underpair and think I'm trying to buy the pot). So we cap it on the turn. On the river, a 9 falls - only hand that will beat me is AA. BB bets, I raise...he re-raises, and I make a crying call knowing that I'm dead in the water. BB turns over AA and I'm down $19.00 on one hand - my new worst hand ever!

It was definitely a night of second best hands for me. My AKo held up all 3 times I got it. As for that, very few other premium hands. Most raising I did PF were position raises that got me nowhere. There was a rock playing two seats to my left at one of the tables. He forced me to fold a few times when he suddenly came alive on the turn. I think I became a little too predictable seeing as how I missed most of my flops. Here's a good strategy to use against me: whenever I bet, just raise me right back since I never hit anything.

Best hand last night? KK - was up $19.75 from that one. I flopped the full-house (kings full of nines) and played it hard right up to the river. Only the fish to my right stayed in and decided to play the river super-aggressive. Normally a good move against me since I usually have nothing. Not this time - I'm guessing he had trips or a full boat of nines full of tens.

I also lost quite a bit on a flush. I have 98s in the big blind. Flop comes down giving me an open-ended straight draw and a flush draw. When EP bets on the flop and he gets a couple callers, I raise for value. EP re-raises and I cap it. I've got so many outs it's crazy! Turn comes downs with a 2 of hearts, giving me my flush. I bet, EP calls probably suspecting that he's beat. River comes down...J of hearts. I'm royally f**ked! I check it, EP bets (so you did river me, you prick!), and I make a crying call. EP is holding KT offsuit with the king of hearts. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Another costly hand was an exact duplicate of a heads-up hand a couple nights ago where the flop came down XXY - last night X=4, Y = K. I'm in the SB holding the king and thought I was ahead. I bet the flop, BB calls. Turn comes down with a T - I bet again, BB calls. River comes down with another T - I bet again knowing that the ten didn't help the guy and he raises. I make a crying call, realizing that the Poker Gods have conspired against me yet again and dealt my opponent a killer hand. So my two pair Kings over Fours loses to the BB's Fours full of tens.

One thing I have noticed that people do a lot is defend their blinds with nothing. Here's a rule that I strongly believe in: Do not call a raise simply because you think a guy is bluffing! You can bluff with nothing but you should never call with nothing. If you've got nothing, you're just pissing your money away.

One last thing about last night - I think I only got two or three playable hands in the blinds last night. I think at one point, I hadn't played a single hand in the last 50 dealt. At 0.50/1.00, this isn't such an issue because a lot of pots go unraised pre-flop. At $1/$2 though, you need something in order to call the inevitable raises - and I sure as shit wasn't getting anything. I had so many X2o - X6o (X = anything) hands in the blinds, you'd think I was some sort of spokesman for the League of Shit Poker Hands.

Rant finished...it's okay - just need to win 55 BBs by the end of the month now. No problem...

I don't know how much I'll get to play tonight. Going out clothes shopping and birthday gift shopping and video game shopping. I'll write about that a bit later today when I get a chance (that's right, I'm gonna talk about video games - I'm a nerd and proud of it!).

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I'm absolutely done...

Well, Absolute Poker will have to get by without Klopzi from this day forward. Seriously, I don't know what type of mental block I have when playing at this site, but it kills me everytime. Is it 9-person tables? Is it the five or six players seated with VP$IP below 12%? Is it the five or six players with aggression factors over 2.5? Is it the non-stop suckouts and sandbagging (not to be confused with tea-bagging...although my revulsion in the whole matter is roughly the same)?

I told myself I'd give Absolute one more hour of my time. I was going to play 0.50/1.00 to see how I'd fare. If I was up or roughly even, I'd keep playing. Maybe I wanted to leave because I sure as hell was not even or up or whatever. Wasn't even close. I was -$13.70 in just over one hour - my BB/100 was at -10.30. I won a couple pots with AA and A5s (hit the boat on the turn). But I lost some big pots to some over-aggressive players who took great joy in rivering me. Actually, one hand I was behind the whole time. But since the PF raiser decided to check the turn, I mistakenly thought that my second pair on the river might be good. It wasn't and I lost some more money. In true Absolute Poker fashion, even the other player at the river had me beat as well.

Anyway, I'm pulling out of Absolute and moving on to greener pastures. Time to stick with Interpoker, the ex-party skins (now going by the WPC Network?), and Party Poker. And if those start treating me badly, I'll move on and keep doing so till I win...

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Stats, stats, stats

I've seen some other bloggers (at least in the infancy stages of their sites before they start focusing on Vegas and booze...I can't wait) put up their PokerTracker stats. So I thought I'd do the same since my work day is almost done and I'm bored.

So, I looked in my PT database and found that although I had some 0.25/0.50 stats, none of them belonged to me. WTF? So, on to my 0.50/1.00 stats - keep in mind that none of my play at non-PT supported sites is included...I guess that's a redundant statement, but it's my blog and I'll write it the way that I want to write it.

Ok, the stats:
0.50/1.00 Fixed Limit

General Stats
HANDS: 12, 091
VP$IP: 15.02%
$ WON: $291.12
BB/100: 2.41
WtSD: 31.24%
W$SD: 58.36%
PFR: 5.95%

Hand Stats
Most common hand: J4o (136 times, -$9.75)
Least common hand: 82s (23 times, -$4.00)
Best hand overall: KK (55 times, +$147.97)
Worst hand overall: J9s (38 times, -$24.50)
Best BB/Hand: AA (42 times, 2.77 BB/hand)
Worst BB/Hand: J9s (38 times, -0.64 BB/hand)

AQo (115 times, -$14.30, -0.12 BB/hand)
Over-performer: 54s (37 times, +$14.45, 0.39 BB/hand)

Position Stats

Best Position (Net $): BUTTON ($165.42)
Worst Position (Net $): BB (-378.81)
Worst Position (not BB/SB): MP3 ($64.10)

Strangely enough, my play at the blinds hasn't been too bad all told. If you take away the money posted in the blinds, I'd be +$342.94 in the BB and +$166.90 in the SB. Does this mean something? I have no idea - I'll ask MrVercetti and see what he has to say (he's a real math whiz and likes analyzing stats for fun).

I'll put my $1/$2 stats here as well. I haven't played that many hands yet though, so as MrVercetti would put it, these figures are not statistically significant.

1.00/2.00 Fixed Limit

General Stats
HANDS: 1,607
VP$IP: 13.57%
$ WON: - $149.00
BB/100: - 4.64
WtSD: 32.44%
W$SD: 52.94%
PFR: 6.91%

Hand Stats
Most common hand: 53o (23 times, -$0.50) (J5o is second at 22 times...weird)
Least common hand: AQs (1 time, -$5.00) (what a rip-off!)
Best hand overall: AA (11 times, +$40.50)
Worst hand overall: AQo (16 times, -$26.75)
Best BB/Hand: QJs (5 times, 2.28 BB/hand)
Worst BB/Hand: AJs (3 times, -3.00 BB/hand)

AQo (16 times, -$26.75, -2.50 BB/hand)
Over-performer: 93s (4 times, +$4.50, 0.56 BB/hand)

Position Stats

Best Position (Net $): MP3 ($29.00)
Worst Position (Net $): BB (-$109.50)
Worst Position (not BB/SB): CO (- $39.00)

What do these stats say?

  1. I'm getting owned on my button steals by BB and SB players.
  2. Checking my stats for AQ (and similar hands), I'm getting rivered a lot by not protecting my hand enough.
  3. It's gonna be an uphill climb to get any good at $1/$2.
That's all I have to say about that for now. We'll check my stats in $1/$2 once I get to 5K hands. I'll revisit my 0.50/1.00 play if I get to 20K hands - that shouldn't happen if I get a grip on my $1/$2 play.

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Late Sunday action

I was out most of the day on Sunday. I go to church with my wife every Sunday unless we're out of town, have other really important plans, or when I'm really wiped from a really good party on Saturday.

I didn't get the chance to play until about 8 o'clock Sunday night. I decided to play some $1/$2 at Interpoker - my newest home site. After an hour, I was up $8 and I called it a night to watch Flight of the Phoenix on TV.

My stats after this weekend:

BBs won at $1/$2: - $75 BBs
Bankroll: $1241 (roughly -$60)

I've decided on a new goal for this month. Right now, I'm actually at -30 BBs at $1/$2 since October 1. My new goals for the month are:

  1. Win 30 BBs at Interpoker playing $1/$2.
  2. Clear the 500 raked hands required for the rest of my bonus at Absolute Poker by playing 0.50/1.00. I'll aim for break even poker which will allow me to recoup my $1/$2 losses. By the way, PokerAceHud now supports Absolute Poker! Goodbye GameTime+...
I've also left Intertops - I'll be playing at Empire Poker when playing the ex-party skins. I've also re-activated my Party Poker account since it's possible to have a Party account and an ex-party skin account.

I'm also considering trying out Full Tilt Poker at some point. I've heard that the players are really good though...

I'm going to try and post my complete set of stats from PokerTracker for my game at 0.25/0.50 (if I have any stats for that limit - not sure), 0.50/1.00 (my bread and butter so far), and $1/$2.

I also just noticed that I've had 5 hits today (one of which was my wife's...still counts).

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Saturday and No Excuses

Saturday was even worse than Friday. I'm thinking that I've learned my lessons from Friday night and I'm ready to win some $$$ at the tables.

I open two tables and started playing at 1:00 in the afternoon. In the first hour, I've cleared another $10 in bonus and I'm up $24.25 at one of my tables (+ 12 BBs!!). However, I end up down $34.25 at the other table. At least I'm even in terms of cold, hard cash. The tables break up (I don't like playing short-handed - not good enough yet) and I'm stuck looking for two more tables to play.

After about 15 minutes, I manage to find some more people willing to take my money. Over the next hour, I manage to lose another $38. At this point, I shut down my laptop and I'm done for the day. Another 24 BBs lost at Absolute, putting my two day total at -44 BBs. I've gained $30 in bonus over that time, so I'm really only down a pathetic $60.

What went wrong? Here are four hands that cost me $37 due to my stupid play or, in the case of one hand, some pretty unlikely holdings on the part of my opponents.

Hand 1: Never fall in love with your hand...
STAGE #205674386: HOLDEM NORMAL $1/$2 - 2005-10-15 14:28:29 (ET)
Table: BRADBURN RD (Real Money) Seat #1 is the dealer
BUFFBRAD54 - Posts small blind $0.50
HERO - Posts big blind $1
T75TRC1 - Posts $1
Dealt to HERO [6s 6d]
ANDYNOISE - Calls $1
FN0RD - Folds
HAIRBALL36 - Folds
T75TRC1 - Checks
STARZ555 - Raises $2 to $2
BUFFBRAD54 - Folds
HERO - Calls $1
ANDYNOISE - Calls $1
T75TRC1 - Calls $1
*** FLOP *** [6h 10d 9s]
HERO - Checks (Yep, this was stupid...should have bet)
T75TRC1 - Checks
STARZ555 - Bets $1
HERO - Calls $1
T75TRC1 - Calls $1
*** TURN *** [6h 10d 9s] [Js]
HERO - Checks
T75TRC1 - Bets $2
STARZ555 - Calls $2
HERO - Raises $4 to $4 (This was even more stupid - folding is the proper choice here)
T75TRC1 - Raises $4 to $6
STARZ555 - Raises $6 to $8
HERO - Calls $4 (Man, what was I smoking?)
T75TRC1 - Calls $2
*** RIVER *** [6h 10d 9s Js] [4c]
HERO - Checks
T75TRC1 - Checks
STARZ555 - Checks
*** SHOW DOWN ***
HERO - Shows [6s 6d] (Three of a kind, sixes)
T75TRC1 - Shows [8d Qs] (Straight, eight to queen)
STARZ555 - Mucks
T75TRC1 Collects $33.75 from main pot

I don't know what happened here. When I hit my set on the flop, I failed to see the danger in letting someone get a free card with board showing T96. At this point, any 7, 8, J, or Q on the turn is really scary and I do not want to let anyone see the turn for free. When a J comes on the turn, and there is a bet and a call to me, I should have folded - chances are good that I'm beaten by a straight. I raise...whatever... When my raise is raised and re-raised back to me, I should have folded! No excuses here! I royally screwed myself here by not betting the flop and then by not folding to two obviously better hands. I fell in love with my set and I paid the price ($11 to be exact).

Hand 2: Bad luck at heads-up...again

STAGE #205681159: HOLDEM NORMAL $1/$2 - 2005-10-15 14:42:05 (ET)
Table: CRAWFORD ST. (Real Money) Seat #8 is the dealer
SHANTI - Posts small blind $0.50
MUGGSY12 - Posts big blind $1
Dealt to HERO [As Qh]
SHAUN10 - Folds
SEMPER__FI - Folds
TIEGUY - Raises $2 to $2
BUFFBRAD54 - Folds
HERO - Calls $2
SHANTI - Folds
MUGGSY12 - Folds
*** FLOP *** [Ac Kc 5h]
TIEGUY - Checks
HERO - Bets $1
TIEGUY - Raises $2 to $2
HERO - Raises $2 to $3
TIEGUY - Calls $1
*** TURN *** [Ac Kc 5h] [3d]
TIEGUY - Checks
HERO - Bets $2
TIEGUY - Raises $4 to $4 (Here's where I should be worried...)
HERO - Calls $2
*** RIVER *** [Ac Kc 5h 3d] [8h]
TIEGUY - Bets $2
HERO - Calls $2
*** SHOW DOWN ***
TIEGUY - Shows [5d 5s] (Three of a kind, fives)
HERO - Mucks
TIEGUY Collects $22.50 from main pot

First off, TIEGUY was a loose, weak player. I'd seen him play on through hands clinging to his bottom pair as if it were the nuts. When I hit top pair heads-up, I thought I had him. However, when he raised me on the turn, I knew I was dead in the water. However, I had to call it to the river at this point since TIEGUY may have done the same with any ace [mind you, he was not an aggressive player, so I could have saved myself 2 BB by folding to his turn raise]. This hand was the first of a rush for TIEGUY where he won 3 or 4 in a row by flopping sets, trips, a full-boat and a flush.

Hand 3: Big slick sucks...

STAGE #205668077: HOLDEM NORMAL $1/$2 - 2005-10-15 14:15:35 (ET)
Table: BRADBURN RD (Real Money) Seat #6 is the dealer
HAIRBALL36 - Posts small blind $0.50
ROMMELWOOD - Posts big blind $1
Dealt to HERO [Kh Ad]
FDLM - Calls $1
STARZ555 - Folds
BUFFBRAD54 - Calls $1
HERO - Raises $2 to $2
DERICN - Folds
FN0RD - Folds
HAIRBALL36 - Folds
FDLM - Calls $1
BUFFBRAD54 - Calls $1
*** FLOP *** [Jd Kd 3d]
FDLM - Checks
BUFFBRAD54 - Checks
HERO - Checks (With the 3 flush, I was worried about betting - I should have though...)
*** TURN *** [Jd Kd 3d] [Qh]
FDLM - Bets $2
BUFFBRAD54 - Raises $4 to $4
HERO - Calls $4 (I should have folded here - I'm obviously behind to a flush)
FDLM - Folds
*** RIVER *** [Jd Kd 3d Qh] [Ks]
BUFFBRAD54 - Bets $2
HERO - Calls $2 (Pot's too big to fold - and I just caught trips beating a possible two pair)
*** SHOW DOWN ***
BUFFBRAD54 - Shows [8d 7d] (Flush, king high)
HERO - Mucks
BUFFBRAD54 Collects $20.50 from main pot

Seriously, who plays 87s from early position? Well, I made two mistakes here. First, I should have bet the flop. The second mistake was cold-calling the raise on the turn. I made this mistake a few times on Friday and Saturday: that's what happens when you fall in love with your hand. Top pair is a good hand in a 3-way pot - but not when there is this much action. Live and learn I guess...or in my case, live and live again until you're broke...

Hand 4: Slow playing MoFo!

STAGE #205644208: HOLDEM NORMAL $1/$2 - 2005-10-15 13:24:07 (ET)
Table: BERRIAN AVE (Real Money) Seat #1 is the dealer
SPADESARMADA - Posts small blind $0.50
ROMMELWOOD - Posts big blind $1
Dealt to HERO [Kc Qc]
BRITMAN45 - Calls $1
CBOT - Calls $1
WYERN - Folds
MZA_1977 - Folds
HERO - Raises $2 to $2
BRITMAN45 - Calls $1
CBOT - Calls $1
*** FLOP *** [Ah 7s 6s]
BRITMAN45 - Checks
CBOT - Checks
HERO - Bets $1
BRITMAN45 - Calls $1
CBOT - Calls $1
*** TURN *** [Ah 7s 6s] [6d]
BRITMAN45 - Checks
CBOT - Checks
HERO - Checks
*** RIVER *** [Ah 7s 6s 6d] [Qd]
BRITMAN45 - Bets $2
CBOT - Raises $4 to $4
HERO - Calls $4 (Again - wtf!? I've gotta stop calling these crazy ass raises!)
BRITMAN45 - Calls $2
*** SHOW DOWN ***
CBOT - Shows [6c 6h] (Four of a kind, sixes)
HERO - Mucks
BRITMAN45 - Shows [Kd Ks] (Two Pairs, kings and sixes)
CBOT Collects $21.50 from main pot

First off, not much you can do against 4 of a kind. But I should not have cold-called the $4 on the river. I mean, there's an overcard to my queens and if anyone has a 6 (for example, the guy who just raised the damn river bet!) I'm dead in the water. What bothers me more than anything is the fact that the guy with trips did not bet the turn (why do people keep missing bets like this? To piss me off I think...I hate thinking my hand is good then suddenly learning that I've been a monster dog the whole f**in' hand!). Another thing - and this is good advice for everyone out there: do not limp from early position with pocket kings! You are screwing yourself over by not getting as much money in the pot as possible and by opening the door to a big multi-way pot that potentially devalues your holding. Kings do play well in short-handed or multi-way pots, but the less players, the better the chance of winning. Anyway, I was really pissed off with this hand when I realized that both players had me soundly beaten!

With all my grumbling and shitty play, I thought I'd throw in one hand where I won. Not only did I win but it is the largest single pot that I've won to date! Yay for me! By the way, is it spelled Yay or Yeah or Yea? Is saying Yay a little too gay? Without further ado...

Hand 5: Suck it you big bunch of slow-playing, rock-garden pricks!

STAGE #205658716: HOLDEM NORMAL $1/$2 - 2005-10-15 13:55:52 (ET)
Table: BERRIAN AVE (Real Money) Seat #6 is the dealer
FN0RD - Posts small blind $0.50
HERO - Posts big blind $1
KRAKALAK - sitout (wait for BB)
Dealt to HERO [Js Ad]
SEMPER__FI - Calls $1
CBOT - Calls $1
WYERN - Folds
FN0RD - Folds
HERO - Raises $1 to $2
SEMPER__FI - Calls $1
CBOT - Calls $1
*** FLOP *** [Jh Jd 6c]
HERO - Checks (I've got an absolute monster - I can't bet here with only 3 people in the pot)
SEMPER__FI - Checks
CBOT - Checks
*** TURN *** [Jh Jd 6c] [Qh]
HERO - Bets $2
SEMPER__FI - Raises $4 to $4
CBOT - Calls $4
HERO - Raises $4 to $6 (See - this his how you make money - it's called raising!)
SEMPER__FI - Calls $2
CBOT - Raises $4 to $8 (That's right CBOT - you're mine now...)
HERO - Calls $2
SEMPER__FI - Calls $2
*** RIVER *** [Jh Jd 6c Qh] [9s]
HERO - Checks (Again - CBOT is really aggressive - prepare to check-raise)
SEMPER__FI - Checks
CBOT - Bets $2
HERO - Raises $4 to $4 (Check and mate...)
SEMPER__FI - Folds
CBOT - Calls $2
*** SHOW DOWN ***
HERO - Shows [Js Ad] (Three of a kind, jacks)
CBOT - Mucks
HERO Collects $36.75 from main pot

First off, There was a chance I was beaten by a KT on the river. But I knew that my opponents did not hold this. I don't think anyone is crazy enough to cap turn betting on a draw. Maybe someone had pocket queens? Again, no one re-raised preflop or bet out on the turn, so it was very unlikely (at Absolute though, anything is possible...). If someone had the queens, then I was just not meant to win the hand. I just wanted to include this hand to show that you can win a hell of a lot more by betting your good hands than you can by slow-playing them. I'm an aggressive player, for the most part, so when I'm betting, it's hard to tell whether I'm betting due to my position, due to my opponents' passivity, due to my quality holding, or due to a draw.

All in all though, Saturday was crap. I was now down 79 BBs at $1/$2. I was fed up with Absolute and pissed off in general at my play and everything else.

Luckily, my wife and I had friends over that night and I drowned my sorrows in cheap beer (Lakeport isn't that bad, really). I also ate my own body weight in chips and donuts...I really felt that the next morning...

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